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The types, signs and reasons for abuse of children

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The types, signs and reasons for abuse of children There are many different types of abuse that a child could suffer but the four main types are physical or non-accidental injury (NAI), emotional abuse, sexual abuse and also neglect. In this assignment I will discuss what each type of abuse is, how a person many notice that the child is suffering from that type of abuse and also what reasons there may be for the child to be put through abuse. Physical abuse or non-accidental abuse can include hitting, kicking, punching, pinching, slapping and any other way that pain or injury could be inflicted on a child. This doesn't just include physically assaulting a child, it could also be poisoning a child, whether its with alcohol or drugs, it could also be drowning or smothering a child. It may be hard to notice a child is being abused by just looking at them, however sometimes talking to a child could give out signs that a child is being abused. If a child's behaviour is different to all the other children and they are more violent, this could be actions that they take or it could just be violent and abusive language that they use, this is usually and indication that they are being submitted to violence in their homes. ...read more.


They could have a low self-esteem or could have a lack of confidence when speaking because they are scared to say anything because they have had negative comments about anything that they have said in the past. It could also be noticeable that the child is stammering when they are in conversation because they are not sure whether what they are saying is the right thing to say or not. Reasons for emotional abuse could be that the parents are stressed and may not realize that they are putting the child down and lowering their self-esteem. It could also be due to a parent not understanding what emotional abuse is and like to use sarcasm a lot but may not understand that a child may not understand what sarcasm is and this could lower the confidence because they think that the parent is constantly making fun of them. Sexual abuse is when a child is being used sexually by and adult or by a young person and when a person makes a child look at pornographic magazines or films that is classed as sexual abuse as well because that adult it poisoning the child's mind to think that what they are looking at is acceptable for their age. ...read more.


In some cases though, a child is intentionally deprived, an example of this would be a mother buying cigarettes instead of food for her child. Neglecting a child could lead to a lot of different effects. It could be that the child is hungry and eats their meals and more at lunch times. It could be that the child looks dirty and and they smell because their hygiene isn't being controlled by their parents or carers. It could also be noticed by the child always being tired or turning up to school late everyday. If a child is underweight that can usually be a sign of a child not being fed properly and also their clothes not fitting properly could also be a sign of neglect. A child could be being neglected because a their parent is a young mum and is unaware of how to look after their child. It could be due to the parent wanting to spend their money on other things like cigarettes or alcohol. It could also be because the parent just hasn't got an idea on how to look after their child, so the child's needs are not being met which could lead to the child under achieving in school or it could lead to the child becoming seriously ill. Emma Teague Child protection - AO2 OCR L3 - Year 2 ...read more.

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