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Working with additional needs

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Describe reason why individual may experience additional needs. I am going to be exploring the reasons why some people might need added help and it means a lot for them to have that added help. Some people really need the added help because they might not be able to do many things on their own. They might have problem with everyday activates such as getting out of bed or washing themselves and many other things. There are many people who have to live with not being able to do everything and having to reply on people for help. ...read more.


A person who has learning difficulties only need help with doing work or trying to understand what they are doing if they did not have this, they might not be able to do as well. A person with additional help is better off compared to a person who has the some type of problem but doesn't have any added help. This is because they have help when they need it and so can reach their full potential. Furthermore, if a person does not have additional help they might not be able to live their life the way they would like to because they would not have the some chances as people who do not have any problem. ...read more.


If anyone who had additional need did not have a person to help them, they would not be able to do in society as compared to people who have the additional help. Additional need is important because it allows a person to feel as much part of society as possible and then also it allows then to feel wanted as part of the community in which they live. Those who have conditions which would normally separate them from wider society such as blindness or being paralyzed reintegrated into society as much as possible and given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lulu Grant Unit 26 additional needs in health and social care P1 ...read more.

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