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Compare Margaret and Henry's reaction to Helens pregnancy and what it reveals about their attitudes.

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COMPARE MARGARET AND HENRYS REACTION TO HELENS PREGNANCY AND WHAT IT REVEALS ABOUT THEIR ATTITUDES Family values are important for both the Schlegels and Wilcox's throughout the novel. Forster has made these values different for the two families to create tension and different views and opinions on subject matters. Helens pregnancy is a controversial matter, through which Forster shows the different attitudes of Margaret and Henry. Henry takes a male view and thinks practically rather than emotionally. He thinks to the future this shows level-headedness. "Troublesome business ahead of us". In thinking to the future, he wants to find the underlying cause of everything that has happened and asks "was your sister wearing a wedding ring?" and "I am now obliged to ask for the name of her seducer". ...read more.


He says "Must pay heavily for his misconduct" He says this after Margaret suggests that maybe the person who Helen slept with may already be married. This controversial as he had an affair with Jacky whilst he was married to Ruth. It is an unusual occurrence for Margaret to confront Henry. It is a challenge for him as Ruth never used to do this, and Margaret has not don it in the past until now. He deals with it by bringing in Charles saying it is his business if Helen sleeps in Howards End, as it is his future house. By doing this Henry tries to avoid direct confrontation. Margaret starts by approaching Henry and the matter calmly and subjectively, but by the end of the chapter she just wants Henry to see how she feels. ...read more.


She is more concerned about Helens current mental well being than how it may affect her in the future. "I never even asked her who seduced her". This shows the bond between Margaret and her sister. They did not feel the need for asking questions like that. Margaret wanted to catch up, and rekindle the trust and friendship than find out what happened. Although the attitudes of Margaret and Henry are on the surface very different, their final intentions are the same- the well being of Helen. Margaret takes a more emotional, loving approach to it whereas Henry is more set back from the situation and is looking in from the outside and looks to the future. This is consistent of the characteristics shown in the rest of the novel. Forster wants us to see how genders differ, and how values affect relationships. Nikki feltham ...read more.

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