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Describe the Origins of the War Memorial

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Describe the Origins of the War Memorial The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Australians soldiers that fought and died serving their country. The driving force behind the creation of this monument was Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean. The Memorial has change locations since its creation in 1923. It aims to inform Australians and visitors of the joint and different experiences of our troops and their enemy in different facets of war. CEW Bean played a significant role in the conception of the War Memorial. In the September of 1914 he was chosen to be the official war correspondent of Australia. ...read more.


In Gallipoli he also noticed that Australian soldiers were avid gatherers of battle souvenirs. When Bean returned to Australia he hoped that a museum would be created displaying these objects after the war. He suggested to the Minister for Defense, Senator Pearce, that a display should be created showing relics and photographs of the battles. The Australian War Records Section (AWRS) was formed in 1917 to make sure that a collection of records and relics of the Great War was kept. Bean wrote six volumes of the Official History of Australia in the war of 1914-1918, some of which were displayed in the opening exhibition in Melbourne in 1923. ...read more.


Charles Bean created the first set of aims for the War Memorial. He was concerned that is should not be seen to glorify war or be derogatory to enemy forces. Bean wanted records to be interesting but also to be "described and displayed as to be understood and interesting seventy-five years after the events." Overall the guidelines set for the memorial were for it to be a non-biased and accurate record of the experiences of Australian soldiers. The origins of the Australian War Memorial date back to the First World War. CEW Bean was the main contributor to the creation of the memorial, of which the location changed numerous times. The Memorials aims were to demonstrate to the public of the hardships endured by all soldiers, both Australian and enemy forces. ...read more.

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