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how far was britain changed by WW2?

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  • Essay length: 367 words
  • Submitted: 26/05/2009
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AS and A Level British History: Monarchy & Politics

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How far was British Society changed by the experiences of the Second World War ?

Think about total war with all involved in sharing the struggle and making different sacrifices. Who was most affected? Make the point that the gulf between the classes may have been narrowed but it had certainly not disappeared altogether. There was more consensus and an understanding between the classes. The role of women had also changed in the long term -Why ? There were certainly changes towards the government and a more supportive attitude towards the monarchy (which had suffered during the Abdication Crisis 1936). There was a more favourable attitude towards Labour as they were closely associated with popular domestic policies.

Areas of impact

. Work life -Unemployment was reduced, longer days, tiredness and late nights saw a rise in industrial accidents, less strikes than in the Great War, average earnings up for working classes, growth in trade unions(compulsory arbitration)

.Home life-Bereavements, broken marriages

.Housing-bombing of cities, Anderson shelter,halting of housing boom

.Classes-social mobility, middle and upper classes hit harder by higher taxation

Working class had less unemployment and better nutrition

.Children-evacuation,education/ Blitz(Operation Pied Piper)

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