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This essay discusses the issues of why the English civil war broke out.

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WHY DID THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR BREAK OUT? This essay discusses the issues of why the English civil war broke out. There are many different sides and points of view to this argument and in this essay I am going to bring these all together. Lots of people blamed the Civil war on political reasons, they argue that the King was to careless and had no care for the well being of the status of his people. The King committed eleven years tyranny this made many people angry, as the king only called for parliament when he was short of money. He strongly believed in the "Divine right of Kings" - the Idea that the King was chosen by god to rule the country. ...read more.


Another thing that added to this out burst was that the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Laud, had an Idea of beautifying the Churches as they had started to get in very poor conditions. This was all well and good till the supposedly 'Protestant Churches' were starting look as though they were in fact catholic churches. This caused a great up rise with in the Puritan/Protestant churches and was in fact a great mistake. Some people think that the chief reason for the war was because of economic reasons. They say that the King was careless and spent his money any old how. The King was always short of money and hired a clever lawyer William Noy to find old taxes and laws passed hundreds of years ago, as a cruel way of getting money out of the public. ...read more.


As it happened, they had already fled but King Charles had already done the damage. He was the first and last King to ever go into the House of Commons. This outraged many people and was another situation which people blamed as a short- term cause for the war. After gathering this information together, I think that Parliament were right in questioning the King's methods and ways of ruling as the King needed help and was reluctant to ask for it. The King was reliant on the idea of 'The Divine Right of Kings' and did whatever he thought was right. I think that if the King had of allied with the MPs and called Parliament regularly, then the Civil War could have been prevented. But as it happened, the King was too arrogant and brought the Civil War on himself. By Chris Cousins ...read more.

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