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Tom Clarke RM Coursework assignment 1: Bletchley Park

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Tom Clarke RM Coursework assignment 1: Bletchley Park What Impact did Bletchley Park have upon the war? Bletchley Park could have had a bigger impact on the war than it did have. This was because initially the information that was supplied from Bletchley Park was ignored by the armed forces. Each of these armed forces had there own intelligence network and preferred to rely on them, also, because Bletchley Park was top secret and nobody knew where the information came from it caused much distrust. Another reason the generals and admirals did not like following the advice of Bletchley Park was that all the workers were civilians. The first piece of important information from Bletchley Park that was ignored was at the beginning of April 1940. ...read more.


The invasion of Crete was the first time the Germans used paratroops but because of Bletchley Park the British Garrison stationed there was prepared for the attack, even though the British had to retreat it was considered a victory for Bletchley Park and the Germans never used paratroops again because of the loses they sustained. The Bismarck the pride of the Germany navy was going to the north Atlantic to attack British shipping, but Bletchley Park knew this and informed the navy who sent a ship to intercept it which was a mistake because the British ship was sunk and the Bismarck disappeared. The navy admiralty believed the Bismarck to continue and attack the British shipping but Bletchley Park found out that it was damaged and returning to a base in France but the admiralty did not believe this until Bletchley Park decoded a message that said exactly where the Bismarck was going. ...read more.


D-Day for d day lots of information was needed from Bletchley Park about the German forces in France were needed, so the British forces knew where to attack, also Bletchley Park found out that the Germans thought the attack at Normandy was just a diversion from a main attack at Calais with the help of Bletchley Park they made the Germans think that was true. After D day Bletchley Park was not needed much because the war was as good as won but through out the war Bletchley Park and all the information proved invaluable especially the when they broke the navel code, if it had not been broken Britain would have continued to lose supply ships and might have been forced out of the war. ...read more.

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