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Database for a Clothes Store

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Introduction My first two main ideas for my project are * To arrange a database for ordering tops for main clothes stores. * To arrange a database for flower bouquets for a small flower business. Out of these two ideas I will look at arranging a top ordering service database. ...read more.


My project will enable clothes stores such as topshop to have their own customer delivery service the customer is unable to purchase the clothes in store for what ever reason. My project is aimed mostly at * Teenagers * Women 18-30 yrs * At the end of the project I hope to achieve * A fast and efficient way of ...read more.


choice * A financial model for a clothes store I will manage this project * By keeping a diary of every piece of work I have done. * How long it took. * I will keep to my waterfall methodology and make sure I do everything that's required in each stage before moving onto the next. * * * * ...read more.

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