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How a particular organisation can take advantage of IT developments

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How a particular organisation can take advantage of IT developments I am going to make a report about a particular organisation (Golita Plumbing and Heating Supplies) can take advantages of IT developments in their organisation to improve it overall. This will basically include: start selling online, using or bringing computers in to the shop to do work on it and as well as how they can monitor their progress by using computers. The organisation The organisation (Golita Plumbing and Heating Supplies) sells a lot of products such as plumbing, heating, paints, electrical and garden products. It is situated locally here in Blackburn. Why recommend IT for the organisation (Golita)? As you already know, Golita sells a lot of products thus they can create a professionally made website where they can sell some of their items/products online as well as locally. This will benefit the organisation immensely. It will give Golita Plumbing and Heating Supplies more customers as they will get customers from outside of town such as Bolton, Preston and other local towns. ...read more.


This will allow the customers to place orders on the products online and get them sent directly to their home addresses. Prices vary from country to country so the customers ordering from abroad might find it beneficial and cheap on certain product which is a good thing. Golita Plumbing and Heating Supplies could implement secure payment systems on their website such as paypal.com or pppay.com for instant payments from the buyers. Another advantage would be that the customers could register so that when the customers need to buy anything they can just click on the buy button and the invoice will be sent directly to customer's email and the product/item will be sent from the organisation (Golita). The credit card details would only have to be inputted once and thereafter the customers will not have to input it again. As for software, Golita Plumbing and Heating Supplies could implement spreadsheets or databases to keep a record of the amount of products/items sold. By using spreadsheet such as Microsoft Office Excel for example, formulas could be used to find out the total amount of money made for each day, week or year. ...read more.


Computers will help Golita store information about every customer so when they for example need to post items they just need to print out the details for that particular customers instead of writing the details over and over again for the same customer who orders products/items regularly. Another advantage for Golita is that they do not have to worry about shopping for items/products themselves. They can simple use the internet to place an order for particular items and get it sent directly to the company. Conclusion My conclusion is that if Golita Plumbing and Heating Supplies decide to implement IT in their business it will save them a lot of crucial time as well as money. It will also increase their sales significantly once their website gets noticed as they sell product at cheaper rates than most stores and for the customers abroad, they might find the prices cheaper. Another huge advantage for the customers is the fact that they will be able to check if a particular item/product is in stock or not before going to the shop. This will save the customers a lot of money and time. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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