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Ict Coursework

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ICT COURSEWORK Analysis Hardware - The hardware which I will be using in this project will be the processor, monitor, floppy drive and the mains ones the keyboard and printer and a standard desktop PC with correct software. The processor - this processes data into information such as if I were to type some work (data) onto a computer it would become work with a meaning which is called information. The printer - this receives processed work, then prints the work so that the person who has typed the work can read the final copy through for himself. The type of printer that i will be using is a ink jet printer because it is fast and cheap. I could use a different type of printer such as a laser jet printer. ...read more.


Bavington can get onto the main screen. This will mean the password is like a log on screen password. Also I will save my information/files on floppy or C-D's for an extra security procedure. There will be other members of staff which will be able to access the club files e.g. in the gymnasium where the staff may wish to edit someone's fitness plan. Backup - If there was a power cut and all the machines went down, then I could lose my work. As I said up above in the security section I will save information on floppy or a C-D according to what the size of the file is. This is a reliable style of backup. ...read more.


In the activities database I will include staff who take the activity, number of staff supervising, indoor, cost etc. In the members database it will contain such things as id number, title, first name, second name, age, male/female, address etc. When the club first opened a standard letter was created to inform members what was happening at the club. This letter contained some basic details of the member inform so now Mr. Bavington has asked me to create an updated standard letter. This letter will include the title, first name, second name, address, county, postcode etc. It will be created more like a letter and better presented than the original. In the standard letter the members details will be mail merged from the members database to the letter. I will do this because it will not take long and it will be easy to do. ...read more.

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