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IT Security Threats to Users and Businesses.

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Threats Unauthorised access: Internal & External There are many internal and external threats when using a system, because not everyone using the system is reliable and may choose to mess around with it and change things. E.g. the types of external threats are things like virus attacks hacking and data theft. And the types of internal threats are things like magic disks and key logging to damage your operating system from use within your system. Access causing damage to data or jamming resources e.g viruses People can access software and cause a lot of damage if they are harmful. This is gaining unauthorised access, and by doing this they can damage the data and jam resources to stop people using them, this is ristricting the user from using the software. This may go unnoticed by the user as they wont know what has been changed, even so its still an impact on the system. Accessing systems or data without damage; e.g phishing, identity theft, piggybacking, hacking Some of the threats can go unnoticed because of the way people choose to threaten your system, examples of these could be phishing were the purpose of this is to try and lure you into giving away information like contact details away. This can be done in many ways which are evolving all the time as its a recent threat that try's to get unauthorised access. A way in which phishing can be done is that an e-mail might be sent to you saying they are a friend that you knew a long time ago in school, and would like to find out where you live etc. ...read more.


And the short term damages being just as bad, because if the business cant track where the data is or get the credabilty back within the business it could get shut down completely with the business not being able to function without its data and financial figures to work with if they have no back-ups. Information security: Confidentiality The information will have to be kept secure so that the information doesnt get seen or put into the worng hands. The higher people in the business like managers will have to choose who see's the information and who doesnt also which of those people can update the information. Also they will have to decied how often the information is stored and reviewed. By doing this it helps make life easier for the managers because there will be only a certain handful of people that have access to that information. This means if any of that information is missing or has been corrupt then the manager will know it has to be one of those people. This means that the information is confidential between these people and therefore must not be used outside of the business by the people who have access to it, e.g. address's, phone numbers, bank balance etc. Integrity and Completeness of Data You must make sure you have the correct data as this can cause damage to the individual of the wrong information. Also to the business itself because they will look bad for not using and handling the data right. ...read more.


the disc's to see if they are any different from normal ones, pirate disc can sometimes have a different unside colour to the disc, that colour being blue. Also check where your buying you're product from, checking that it's a realiable source and it is licensed etc. You just have to be careful about what you buy and where you buy it from. Distribution mechanisms E.g Boot sales, Peer-to-peer Networks The distribution of media files such as music and films is seen as being pirate and sharing these files to be illegally downloaded can result in a heavy fine and can cause great damage to the user who downloads them and therefore the user's who upload the illeagal content. The files can be downloaded from sharing websites that use peer-to-peer networks, which means users make folder with the content in on there own server and then upload them to a central server for the website and for anybody to pretty much click on and download for free. The most popular type of this website was Napster until it got persude by music companies and bands, saying that it was unfair for user to download content for free. When others where going to shops and buying them like you normally would. By downloading the files music companies and artist wern't getting money so it was and is bad business, but it still goes onto with a popular sharing peer-to-peer website called Torrentz and use Bit torrentz to download them. Napster is now a legitimate service for online users. ...read more.

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