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Wikis. In order to decide which Wiki site to use, we looked at several Wiki Farms in order to select the best one:

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* WIKIS -BIT1 Laboratory Exercise- Friday Labs- David Martland Written Assessment Submission - 19th December WIKI USED: http://www.seedWiki.com WIKI ADDRESS: http://www.seedWiki.com/page.cfm?Wikiid=3804&doc=MusicTypes _____________________________________________________________________ A Wiki is a collection of web pages that can be accessed and edited by outside users at any time. A Wiki, in more complex terms, would be described as a piece of server software that allows users to freely edit web page content or simply create their own using any web browser. Ward Cunningham is a computer programmer and inventor of the Wiki concept. He founded the first Wiki site in 1995. Ward Cunnigham describes a Wiki as "The simplest online database that could possibly work." In order to decide which Wiki site to use, we looked at several Wiki Farms in order to select the best one: * SEEDWIKI http://www.seedWiki.com Seed Wiki hosts non-commercial Wikis for free. However if you wish to sell things from your Wiki, you need to pay for the privilege. This Wiki Farm grows Wikis through its customers. The free site is simple to use, and easy to set up an account with. Seed Wiki is backed up nightly and saves previous copies of pages in case of vandalism. Another great feature of this site is its Wiki widgets. These widgets are set words or phrases that are entered into the Wiki, providing functions such as passwords and new pages. ...read more.


I decided I would use a main page for the section and created links from my page to my other pages. I included I photo here, which I centrally aligned. I added the photo using the HTML Editor available, and entered the URL, as with all the photos on our Wiki, I included a line saying where we obtained the images. I originally attempted to just paste these images, but they were not displaying properly however the URL way worked well. Using the underscore character, I smartly separated my page into sections, one each for my internal links, and one for the link I included to http://www.michaeljackson.com. I kept the same font throughout my section (Arial), also I only used black or red, making the page easy to read and I decided to keep my background white, partly for appearance and also for ease of reading. All my pages followed the same layout, Although my music page contained 8 internal links, to pages discussing the albums. * STAGE MUSIC By Kelly Barret The reason I chose Stage Music, is because it has always interested me. All of the chosen musicals on this Wiki I have personally seen and the images are taken from the programmes obtained at this showings. I scanned the images onto my computer and copied them over. All of the information written on these musicals is from personal knowledge or information obtained from www.reallyuseful.com . ...read more.


Music is part of everyday life and surrounds us in many different ways, from a person sitting on the bus listening to their CD Walkman to the birds chirping first thing in the morning. It was an easier topic to write about as the supply for knowledge and information is endless. We found Wikis quite different from Weblogs and slightly easier, although we feel that we coped well with the assigned task and now feel comfortable in using this and various other types of software for similar activities. We completed our task successfully and created a Wiki with external links, images, and useful and topical information by using a variety of texts and formats. Should we have to complete this task again, we would not change the way in which the group went about things, as we worked as a whole and not three individuals, we assigned all the work fairly and collated all the work together well to produce the final written assessment. We knew at all times what was going on and how the progress of our Wiki was developing. We were happy with our decision to use SeedWiki, as we found it very user friendly and easy to use, it has provided us with a good Wiki that we are all pleased with. Overall the project was a success, through the planning, implementation and evaluating, we have worked well together and are all satisfied with the final outcome. Kelly Barrett K0211622, Nick Barker K0002804, Michael Constantino K0324207. 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Information Systems and Communication section.

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