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‘The Client’

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English Mrs. Wright 'The Client' A thriller is simply something that thrills you, but to do so in a movie the elements must be shown in such a way that you are intrigued from the first few minutes to the very last. In 'The Client', such factors are shown making this film a classified thriller. The first event of a good thriller must set off the plot, showing jeopardy and getting you interested in finding out what this movie is going to be about. At the very start of 'The Client' Mark Sway, a rebellious teenage boy, stumbles across a suicide, a situation that gives many conflicts to deal with and involves you in the movie at an early stage. From here a fast pace of issues arise and develop to thicken the plot and keep your interest, for instance the main character Mark is constantly facing his problems, usually related to the suicide, throughout the movie. This is what sets the fast pace, makes sure you are always curious and wanting to know what will happen next. To mystify you need to be hit with something puzzling, unexpected and original. "She said it was one of the best books she had ever read, that she couldn't put it down." ...read more.


Tension is shown throughout the movie, usually with a one on one aspect. A blatant example is Mark and 'Reverend' Roy Foltrigg along with his men, hotshot district attorneys going the wrong way to get information out of Mark. They have an extensive reputation for getting a good job done fast. They and the cops will go to extreme measures to get the information but Reggie holds them back fighting for her client. Mark and Reggie heed to each other when the cops put either of them into a state of resistance. Mark hates the FBI for the simple fact that they harp on him for details, he just wants to be with his mother, Diane and brother, Ricky who is in a coma. Mark shows a lot of frustration about this situation with the politicians who fear the young boy will obliterate them with the information he holds. However, the tension between Mark and the Mob is different. Mark is aware of his involvement with the Mob but is not his foremost concern. More so, it's Barry Muldano who is out to destroy Mark for the information he holds and is agitated because of the position he is in. ...read more.


Lighting of darkness, or mostly used these days, blue light sends you an eerie message perfect lighting for suspense and mystery. When Mark is hiding in the boathouse from Barry and some other thug the camera swings up to Marks view on the situation below. Then they look up and there is another moment of great suspense. This time more intense with the dark light and murky air. Suspense doesn't have to eerie or scary, just grab you by the throat and make you worry what will happen. When Mark first meets Reggie, there is awkwardness when he rejects her. All sounds fade and a silence and uncertainty come about into the situation. There are many other technical aspects to look at like music, and character portraits that help the movie to bring the right effect to the viewer. This movie did not incorporate enough of this and didn't really combine the visual and sound together very much. 'The Client' is a powerful dramatic thriller and has more meaning than what first of all seems. A mind twister but does work out simply like most mysteries do. It compels your imagination into making up much of the scenes come to be thriving. The movie pulls you to believe that corruption, cynicism and complications make this movie what it is, a thriller. DUE DATE: 15/4/02 BY EMMA CROSSLAND ...read more.

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