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A comparison of the Book and the Movie of "Mosquito Coast".

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A comparison of the Book and the Movie of "Mosquito Coast". After I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book "Mosquito Coast" by Paul Theroux, I was very interested in watching the movie. My anticipation gave way to disappointment soon after the movie began. First of all, the actor Harisson Ford did not seem to suit the part of Allie the Father. Ford was not able to portray adequately how the book portrays Allie. Allie in the book is an irritating person to the people around him. The movie does show the hate towards Allie from some people. For example take the times when Jerry says he hate's Allie, in the outboard Jerry says he hated Allie and "wanted to kill him". By not showing this to the audience they do not learn to hate Allie like Jerry did as the movie goes on. In this case I believe that the book does a better job, because it shows the conversation between Jerry and Charlie when that were punished in the outboard. ...read more.


Instead the movie only shows a few bits a pieces that leave the viewer confused. But the book is able to show more of the anger and frustration in a way that helps the reader to understand Allies and his character. I noticed the movie had skipped out a lot of sections of the book, some, that I think would be important for the audience in a way that would enable to now Allie and his family better. An example of this is that they don't ever show any of the dares Allie forces Charlie to do. By not showing this, it blindness the audience from the way Allie treated Charlie and doesn't show Allie's carelessness of not thinking about the dangers of doing the dares. I don't see why the director included the scene where Emily and Charlie meet at the car and she gives him the keys to the car. ...read more.


I believe that the end of the book was a very important event to the reader to be able to grasp the detail of the book. The way the book shows Allie die; killed by vultures is a very significant because it shows the irony of how he got killed by one of his only enemies 'Scavengers'. But the movie does not show this crucially important event, leaving the viewer bewildered and confused because it does not show the death of Allie. In conclusion I must say that the book was a much better success in conveying the theme, than the movie. One can understand that a movie can be too prolonged to the extent of loosing the viewer interest of the viewer. But I would comment that to make the movie a bit longer would have helped the movie to include more description to be able to present the viewer with more understanding of the book. By: DANIEL ESHCOL ...read more.

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