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A Scripted Piece

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(SFX - a real smoothly romantic music playing in the background) Annc. The first thing a man notices when he walks past a woman is if she smells attracting. Man. Oh (holds), what is that beautiful smell...(acting the lines if he had never felt some thing so good) it smells gorgeous! Wom. Why (really surprised), thank you...(like she has just seen the man and he is stunning) you smell beautiful too. (Trying to chat him up) Man. No, I mean it; it smells so attracting... it's making me wanting to drop at your feet. (So serous and in is tone sounding like he is interested in her and him is almost dropping to her feet) Wom. (An intrigued little girlish giggle) Well... Man. Do you want my number... here please take it! (Desperately like he really wants her.) Annc. Always get what you want... (With the tone of his for of saying that it really works) Attraction, watch the male reaction. The radio advert that I will be analysing is about a "Free Bridget Jones' Dairy when you buy some Max Factor make-up." I found this advert on Yorkshire Coast Radio, it was broadcast on one of their popular shows "The Wind Down Zone." This show begins at 10pm and plays songs to relax you. The advert is a storyline that starts off by "Dear Dairy, I was shopping..." and carries on when the actor sees the offer and the voice over explains the deal. ...read more.


The whole sexy mood, feeling in this advert is to represent that you can feel this way by just buying this perfume. This advert does not break the rules and regulations I have covered follows and the guides and does not break them. In my assignment I will be writing about how Radio developed over the years, how it began and the history, through to the very day and to the future. I will also include: > Radio Authority > Radio Advertising > Radio Script > Analysis of an existing radio advert > Audience reactions/emotions > Create an advert and compare it to the rules set by the Radio Authority > Research onto the future developments > A conclusions on my views on the Radio Authority Radio first came about at the end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th century radios were starting to be produced by a company called "Marconi." Everyone became excited about the new inventions and in 1904 the Postmaster General was given control over radio and all future developments, but the Armed Forces wanted control over all communications. 1922 The BBC is formed, British Broadcasting Company. The growth of radio during 1920/30s over 8 millions licenses were issued. 1927 the BBC becomes British Broadcasting Corporation. In 1939 the Home Service was created. 1953 was bad news for the radio as T.V had been brought in and was attracted by big audiences. 1947 car radios become possible. ...read more.


The Radio Authority does do it job properly and it is they for a reason and it is a good reason. Radio is very popular and has been since it began. The Radio Authority also looks after the radio stations its self and frequency tests them or tunes in to see if they are following the rules. My conclusion is that the Radio Authority is does it best to keep the radio standards up to scratch and couldn't really be improved and that the standards of radio is at a good quality. 1. Introduction 2. The Radio Authority 3. Existing Advert Analysis 4. Radio Advert 5. Advert Analysis 6. Research 7. Conclusion The Radio Authority introduced its regulatory role on the 1st January 1991. It is one of the three groups that used to be the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). The authorities are the people who licenses and regulates independent radio services. The authority is required to publish codes (rules) to which it licenses must follow; the authority can apply sanctions to licenses that break the rules. Sanctions include broadcasting apologies and/or corrections, fines and shorting or revocation of licenses. Independent Radio Services comprises of national, local, cable, satellite and community radio. The authority also licenses digital radio services, both national and local. The authority has three main tasks: > To plan frequencies. > To appoint licenses with a view to broadcasting listener choice and to enforce own ship rules. > To regulate programming and advertising. The Radio Authority is the body, which controls and regulates all of radio. They issue adverts, apologies and regularly listens to different radio station to check they are follow their rules. ...read more.

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