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Analysis of Pirates of the Caribbean: at the World's End

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Analysis of Pirates of the Caribbean: at the World's End Title: Present detailed reading of one film you have enjoyed. Explain its appeal to you and the pleasures it offers audience. You may wish to consider some of the following: narrative devices and structure, film techniques, the appeal of characters or stars, identification with themes or issues, escapism. Pirates of the Caribbean: At the world's end is an action and adventure film which also includes some comedy elements. It appeals the mass audience by its narrative structure, great camerawork and soundtracks etc. As it is a sequel to the to the last Pirates of the Caribbean film: dead man's chest. Many conventions of narrative follow the prequel film. The enigmas have already been set in the previous film, and the audience may find the answer in this film, for example, where is the world's end, while in the pirates3 it is presented as an endless dessert of white, which is connotation of loneliness and coldness. ...read more.


Binary oppositions are seen as land and sea, life and death, betrayal and trust etc. There are also noticeable changes of the representations of characters. In the first Pirates of the Caribbean, Barbossa represents the villain whereas his figure becomes more positive in this film which can be seen from leading the crew to rescue Jack and fight in the whirlpool. There is significant change of Elizabeth's representation. Unlike the representation of the beautiful princess who needs protection, she becomes a leader of all the pirates. This is shown through the impressive and cheerful encouragement to the crews, which is a representation of a female inspirational warrior. The representation of love is also significant. The multi-angle love around Elizabeth represents choices of love. The choice between Elizabeth and father of Will is another example of this. The relationship between Davy Jones and Calypso represents the implication of love and hate. Many elements of action and adventure film genre can be found in Pirates3. From the tentacles of Davy Jones to the huge whirlpool, the exquisite special effect gives the audience sense of life-like. ...read more.


In fact, Knightley's impressive performance of a female warrior may be out of their expectation and may remind them of her play of Guinevere in the film King Arthur. The main use and gratification of the audience would be entertainment and escapism. They may found utopian pleasure in the film to escape from daily routine. Audience may have different reading of the film. Preferred reading audience would enjoy the journey and the love story while those with oppositional reading may find it confusing. Negotiated reading audience would understand the issues in the film but they also have their own opinions In my opinion, the theme in the Pirates of the Caribbean: At the world's End is the importance of finding individual's position in the world, and also the value of justice and courage. This film produced by Walt Disney who often associates with children has an age limit of twelve. In fact, the style of filmmaking has transported it into the mainstream in mass media with increasing financial rewards and earning large income for the film makers. ...read more.

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