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Chocolat analysis.

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Chocolat analysis In the movie "Chocolat" we first encounter Vianne with her daughter Anouk as they brave the harsh wind and settle into the new village. She is bound by the ways of her mother cheetah: "She was one of the wanderers ... she moved with the north wind ... from place to place dispensing natural remedies ... never settling down." We hear how Vianne and Anouk have travelled from city to city also bound by the same north wind. The wind itself carries a musical overtone of strong wind instruments and the light playing of the piano, which is played whenever the wind is present. This delicate playing is used to call Vianne into moving on. This condition is apparent as the film maker focuses on the positioning of the urn next to Vianne`s bed as if it was a constant reminder of her inherited ways. Soon after the north wind called Vianne we see her talking, as she is packing her suitcase, to the urn as if her mother was still alive: "Of course ... ...read more.


When asked about her absence from the village he tries to hide the truth, only later on in the film does he gain independence when he submits to the chocolate and accepts that the old ways of life are not always the best. With this we meet Josephine, in church, stealing a mirror out of a person's purse. She is perceived by many to be crazy. She is illustrated as being a messy and over protected woman in her thirties. She steals to get away from the abuse she suffers at the hands of her husband. A source of independence and freedom, something he can not control. During the movie she stumbles in to Vianne`s shop, beaten but boundless. There is a little light source apparent outside but in the shop it is only dimly lit and there is also an eerie silence inside. We see scenes of a smiling Josephine and her costume changes during this to give her a more brighter and neat look. ...read more.


It's only after Luc runs away to be at his grandmother's birthday party his mother releases how over protective she has been. In the scenes towards the end of the movie we see Luc at the Easter Sunday celebrations laughing, running around and being a kid. The movie brings into view many different lives and also their stories. As extreme as they might appear, it is not that different and secluded from the society we live in now. It's only because the village is so small and secluded that everyone's faults seen to become so clear. This movie shows the determination of people trying to become independent as most are sick of the ways of the old and are looking for a source of output but unfortunately they are told repeatedly what they are doing is wrong in God's eyes. In the film we are shown the way of a quiet village in the French countryside where they live by the motto "tranqulite" and have done for many years. It is only after the arrival of a traveller that the town is able to live the way the people crave it to be. ...read more.

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