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Chris Tuckers essays 'Different stories'

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There is Always Room for Improvement Chris Tucker, in his essay "Different Stories", reveals a more personal side screening his concerns as an entertainer and a black actor. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, he was the youngest of six siblings. He boasts that he was raised in a spiritual home where God and the Church had a major influence on him. Chris tucker defines Hollywood as materialistic: it is a struggle for money, from both ends. The producer is trying to get a hit, while the actor is trying to get the role of his life. Even though it is tough to succeed in Hollywood, it is even tougher for black actors: "Its hard for everyone but its harder if you're black" (Tucker 140). But a trip to Ethiopia made Tucker aware of the other lives in this world that don't have much money or food, but what they do have, they share. ...read more.


Famous for his line "Do you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth," (which most of the time, I did not). A man of his temperament, a comedian, promoting a movie like Friday, does not appear to be a descendant of a spiritual family. Yet, his essay depicts a persona widely divergent to the one that is publicized on the media. He points out important issues, such as black history constantly misrepresented as always dwelling in its tragic past of slavery. It fails to portray black success stories under the spotlight. A further premise that Tucker is disturbed with is that Hollywood is very materialistic when making movies; however, Tucker utilizes this advantage of being on television to try to change people's lives. I was quick to judge Chris Tucker based on how he is portrayed in movies, alone. Tucker proved to be intellectual, humble and insightful. ...read more.


I am hoping that college will prepare me with the esteem to take risk and fail sometimes without it hurting my pride. One of the customs that I have developed is planning everything in my life and trying to follow it precisely so it goes as I would like. It is just a matter of having control over everything that goes on, but life as we know it, is full of surprises. It is factors like these that hold various individuals back from achieving greater extents, whether it is fears that a movie might not make money and lose your job or accepting a new philosophy, because the first step towards anything is the scariest step. We have to be aware that we do not have control over everything because it is not in our hands ; therefore, we have to put our guard down ,"live on the edge" sometimes and if we do manage to fail then we have to get up, dust ourselves off, and try again. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zaki-Hassan 1 ...read more.

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