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Compare and contrast Roman holiday with any other Richard Curtis mid Atlantic Movies.

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Compare and contrast Roman holiday with any other Richard Curtis mid Atlantic Movies. Roman holiday and Richard Curtis movies have many differences and similarities. In this essay I will focus on how Bridget Jones' diary differs from Roman holiday are both mid Atlantic rom-coms, but differ a lot due to the time differences between them. Richard Curtis is well know for producing mid Atlantic romantic comedies such as Four weddings and a funeral, Notting Hill, as well as British TV sitcoms such as Blackadder and The Vicar of Dibley Roman holiday was directed and produced by William Wyler who produced a variety of movies and documentaries in his life time ranging from Romantic comedies to crime dramas. Both films are set in Europe-Roman holiday in Rome, and Bridget Jones in England. In addition both films have a main character that is played by an American and one which is English actor. In Roman holiday Gregory Peck plays the lead male Joe Bradley and Audrey Hepburn plays the lead Female, Princess Ann. ...read more.


More than once do we see Bridget and the male lead about to engage in sexual intercourse, or that they have just done so. The language used by the characters is also of strong, and would be seen by the audience of Roman holiday unacceptable. However in modern times language of that nature is the norm and is almost expected. It is seen as a bad thing that Bridget has not has sex in a long time while out of wedlock. Despite this both films have one thing in common-it is desirable for a woman to be married. In Roman holiday, Ann wishes to be married and live a normal life; Bridget Jones also wishes to have a partner and a steady relationship. However Ann wishes to be a housewife and not to work, whereas Bridget has a career and would like to carry that on. Again this is a difference due to how society has changed. ...read more.


In Roman holiday the humour is mostly visual. For example Mr Bradley spills a drink over his friend on number occasions. Also there is a big fight at the dance where the police offers are made to look incompetent. To the 1950s audience this would have been hilarious, now it seems a little too staged and pathetic. In contrast Bridget Jones has visual and spoken comedy; the comedy is no where nears a innocent or child like either. There is fighting which is amusing, but most of the jokes are rude, and some of the visual comedy is rude as well. For example when Bridget gets the job as a news presenter and has to go adown a fireman's pole, her bottom is expose to the camera. In the 1950s this would have been scene as highly inappropriate and would not have been allowed in the film. Overall Roman holiday and Bridget Jones' diary both have many similarities and dissimilarities. This is mainly because of the how the society has changed. However the conventions of rom-coms have largely stayed the same. ?? ?? ?? ?? Carly Smith T31784 ...read more.

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