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Compare and contrast the two NHS anti-smoking advertisements commenting on the methods they use to persuade their audiences to quit smoking

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Compare and contrast the two NHS anti-smoking advertisements commenting on the methods they use to persuade their audiences to quit smoking. Advertisements inform and persuade audiences about products and services. Advertisements can be found on TV, bus stops and in newspapers. I am going to analyse two NHS anti-smoking advertisements. 'Look Like Me' was taken from Bliss magazine and 'Trudi and Kia' was taken from The Observer. I am going to look at the ways in which the adverts use language, layout and colour to persuade their audiences to quit smoking. 'Look Like Me' uses shock tactics to persuade its audience to quit smoking. When I first looked at the advert I thought it was advertising cosmetics or clothes, but to my surprise as I turned the page over I found the model had been transformed into a shockingly ugly smoker with a cigarette in her hand. ...read more.


Kia, on the other hand is wearing a red and yellow shirt. The use of bright colours in this way shows that the daughter, in contrast to her mother, still has a future. She is young and healthy. 'Trudi and Kia' appeals to the reader's emotions to try and convince them that smoking is lethal. The photograph shows a picture of a young girl consoling her mum, as she is about to die from cancer. The text tells us that the mum is organising her funeral with her daughter. This is not the kind of thing a mom should be planning with a daughter instead they should be planning birthdays and Christmas. 'Trudi and Kia' is aimed at middle-aged woman who are married and have children. ...read more.


This catches people's attention due to the sudden change of colour. I think this is the most significant colour used to illustrate the consequences of smoking. I think both adverts are equally effective because it appeals to the vanity of teenage girls. Teenage girls are very concerned about how they look and read lots of fashion magazine in order to feel that they fit in with their peers. 'Trudi and Kia' uses real life people in a real life situation, but 'Look Like Me' uses a model and fakes the effects of smoking. Which, in my opinion, makes Trudi and Kia' that bit more convincing. Also, Trudi and Kia' deals with the health related issues, whereas 'Look Like Me' appears to be much more shallow and focus solely on the physical effects of smoking. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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