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Comparison of Tabloid / Broadsheet Newspaper

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Tom Martin 27/04/2007 Comparison of Tabloid / Broadsheet Newspaper Articles Introduction The Telegraph and The Sun are both leading British newspapers, although they are both aimed at different groups of people. The Telegraph is aimed is aimed at the right wing business market. It is a broadsheet newspaper. The Sun is aimed at the working class / general liberal market. It is a tabloid newspaper. Comparison The Telegraph is about David Beckham and the performance of the English side. The Sun also writes their story about Beckham but they omit mentioning the performance of the English side. The Sun says a lot more about Beckham's performance. Both stories are on a full page spread but The Sun has many more Beckham stories on the same page. ...read more.


Where as The Telegraph's headline is forty eight point Times New Roman and has six words. It uses no abbreviation, is long, complex and uses alliteration. ' England Mesmerised by Beckham's Magic Spell'. As usual in tabloid newspapers more than photograph is used, this breaks up the story into more readable chunks. This is so in The Sun, four medium to large photographs are used. One main photograph is centered in the page. In the Telegraph there is one large photograph in the centre of the page. The Telegraph's story uses font size eight and it doesn't use bold in the main feature. The introduction of the story is in size fourteen bold Times New Roman. ...read more.


Subheadings are used many times in its feature as well. In The Telegraph the language used is less emotive and complex, and at times challenging. Sentences are long and can be up to thirty words. Sentences structure is complex and in full, no slang or phrases are used. Paragraphs are long usually made up by twenty five sentences. Sub headings are not used. The Story in the Sun is very much in favour of David Beckham. They use a very jaunty tone. They use quotes that favour Beckham. In The Telegraph the story is in favour of David Beckham but against the England team. It has a disappointed tone and claims that England is slipping back into their old ways. They have put a pro Beckham and anti- England team spin on the story. ...read more.

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