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Comparisons Between Two Movie Trailers

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Comparisons Between Two Movie Trailers The two trailers that are going to be compared are Gladiator and Pokemon. Both the trailers of Gladiator and Pokemon show their titles at the end. This gives a dramatic line up towards the title. Both titles are shown very well. There are loud thumps and the fonts of the titles make connection to its background and sound effects. In the trailers, this happens with all the big names including actors and directors. Both Gladiator and Pokemon are action packed, so their genres are action-adventure. The trailer of Gladiator, however, shows more violence in terms of blood and gore. On the other hand, Pokemon shows the kind of violence that is suitable for children. The older, more mature person may find the trailer of Pokemon less interesting, as firstly it shows bright colours in two- dimensional characters therefore being a cartoon, and secondly, all cartoons are based at children and he or she may find the trailer childish and boring. ...read more.


This gives an overpowering effect and tells the audience that this is one of his movies where he 'means business.' Even more, people who watch over trailers will see that in the last frame of the trailer, the name Russell Crowe appears before the title itself. This is called an 'A' list and shows that Russell Crowe is the main actor of the film. The unique selling point of the Pokemon trailer is somewhat different to an actual 'man' in Gladiator. As visual effects of the trailer are always based on Pokemon, we know that the unique selling point cannot be anything else but the title of the trailer itself. The Pokemon 'craze' was very well set up. When it spread to western countries including England, every child had to watch Pokemon television programmes, have their own set of Pokemon cards, toys and videos. When the trailer was released every child had to go and see the movie it brought with it. ...read more.


Whether it be a trailer or a poster, the whole point of them are to lure people who enjoy the kind of setting it portrays (target audience). All advertisements have their target audiences, unique selling points, genre, and show who directed the film, who acts in the film and has to show the title of the film. The adverts have visual and audio effects, which portray these subjects. As both of the trailers show these subjects very well with special effects, both the trailers were known for their class and showings of these subjects. For example, this year at the Oscars, Gladiator was awarded best picture and picked up four other Oscars as well. Russell Crowe was awarded best leading actor for his appearances in his movie premier, Gladiator. The other Oscars the movie won were Best costume design, sound and visual effects. This shows that because of the vast amount of publicity that the advertisements of Gladiator brought, so many people went to see the movie, that in the end it was awarded all those Oscars. Word Count: 1040 words Serjevan Kalsi 10P/10TM Mr. Liddy ...read more.

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