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Conflict - in respect to novels and film genres.

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All movies must follow criteria that typifies them into a specific genre of film. For example, a romantic movie must create a chemistry between two characters. A good suspense movie must include a plot with several twists and turns in it. There are three criteria that can be used to judge whether or not a particular movie is a good science fiction film. These criteria include: a source of conflict; beleivable characters, images, and story; and well developed, visually appealing special effects. The movie Blade Runner has traditionally been categorized as a science fiction movie. It can be categorized as such because it does indeed follow the specified criteria. Conflict The first criteria for a science fiction move is a source of conflict, or a clash between good and evil. In theStar Wars triology, unarguably three of the best science fiction films ever made, there was the everpresent struggle between the Jedi,the defenders of all that was good, and the Empire, frequently reffered to as the Dark Side. Blade Runner does contain conflict between good and evil, however the good and evil are not as clearly defined. The viewer would assume that the "good" in Blade Runner is the character of Deckerd played by Harrison Ford. ...read more.


Again, all of these human characteristics that the non-human characters showed makes them more believable for the viewers. It helps that in a science fiction film the plot is not so incredible that it is impossible to believe. It helps if the plot could relate to something in today's society of even in the past. The basic plot of Blade Runner was good versus evil. There was nothing entirely out of the realm of believability. Also, they manage to place the story so far into the future that with a little imagination, it could happen. Technology in today's society is advancing at a very rapid pace. One other reason why the story was believable, was because visually the film was reallistic. The film incorporated many images that could have come from today or the past along with futuristic concepts. Decker's apartment, for example, included a normal looking piano that could have been built in the 20th century. The cloths and the hair that Rachel wore looked as though she came out of the forties. Her hair was in large rolls, and her dress was somewhat drab. The coat she wore in the very last scene of the Director's cut version could have been worn by Greta Garbo. ...read more.


There is also conflict between Deckard and the Replicants. The characters in the movie, even the ones that were not human, had many humanistic and believable qualities. Many of them were able to feel love as well as hate. The story was also believable and could possibly happen (granted with a lot of imagination). Visually, the movie was also believable. It did this by incorporating old and new concepts, from the clothes they wore to the vehicles they drove. The believability of the visual aspect of the movie helps to create the well developed and interesting special effects.Blade Runner, in conclusion, is a good science fiction movie, perhaps not the best ever made, but it does follow the criteria. It also incorporates a fourth and lesser known criteria as does the ever-popular Star Wars trilogy: Harrison Ford as one of its stars. Blade Runner (1982) Moody, beautifully photographed thriller that gets better with age. Deckard is a Blade Runner, a police man of the future who hunts down and terminates replicants, artificially created humans. He wants to get out of the force, but is drawn back in when 5 "skin jobs", a slang term for replicants, hijack a ship back to Earth. The city that Deckard must search for his prey is a huge, sprawling, bleak vision of the future. This film questions what it is to be human, and why life is so precious. ...read more.

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