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Content analysis of a magazine - Kerrang

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Content analysis of a magazine The magazine that I am analysing is called 'KERRANG!'. When the magazine is first opened there is a contents page. This is very brief but explains what news; features, reviews and regulars are in this week's issue. This is laid out so it is very easy to read and it mentions everything included. The contents are written in a small, white font on a black background, this is to make the writing stand out and be easier for the reader to read. Also on the first page is the editor's column. This is column usually involves him either describing the content of the issue, or him answering a popular question that has been posted in. This is usually in a small box situated in the top right hand corner. This is not necessarily supposed to be read as it is written in very small, white copy. I think it is written this small as most people skip through the opening content page and just flick through the magazine. This page also has a very big picture of a famous artist and what page his/her interview is on. The layout for this page is very well done as all the contents are put in a straight vertical column in a medium sized font, which makes them very easy to find and read. ...read more.


This is so the writing is easier to read as it is a very small font. There is usually a theme to the interview, normally about the singer's private life, or something they have done many years ago. The interview is designed so that it has to be read more than once to get the whole gist of it. This is because some of the themes may be quite complicated or something very difficult for the person who is talking to describe. The layout is to put the photos above the text so the reader quickly glances at the photos, goes back to reading the article and then looks at the photos properly afterwards. This is so the reader isn't distracted when s/he is reading and that they don't lose their place in the article. After the main feature there are usually a couple more features involving some bands that are promoting an album or are on a tour. These are laid out with big photos of the artist with small, detailed text underneath. This is so the artist is recognised before the reader starts reading and so they know whom they are reading about. The articles have to be read thoroughly as they have a huge amount of information about the artist, which the reader would never have known. ...read more.


Also on the right hand side of the double page is a swag which gives out free gifts if the reader phones up. There are photos of the objects on offer and a funny description next to it. On the last page of the magazine there is an interview with a member of a band. The interview is written so the interviewer is just asking questions, and the band member is answering them. There is a photo of the band member on the top left hand corner, with the name of him/her and their band located above it. On the other side of the page the interview is written in columns and is very easy to read as it is written in pub speak. Underneath the interview is a text box with the interviewee's five favourite songs written inside. The interview is designed well because the photo doesn't get in the way of the text and it is written clearly and the text is very easy to read. After that there is a page explaining what is going on in the next issue, this is just a big picture of the main band feature and names of some other bands who are featured in the magazine. It is effective as it gets the point across of who is in the magazine and what they are doing. James Fallon B10JP Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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