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Critically analyse and evaluate current developments in consumer behaviour in relation to one transport sector.

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Critically analyse and evaluate current developments in consumer behaviour in relation to one transport sector. Introduction The cruise industry is the fastest developing sector of the leisure travel industry. More people are taking cruises than ever before and there is a huge potential for growth in this dynamic industry. (Dingle 1999) Dingle explains that the cruise industry has grown very rapidly within the years and as more people are starting to take cruises, this will help the industry to grow and to cater to their consumers. The cruise industry is a small but a steadily growing sector of the general tourist industry. Traditionally cruising was seen to be for the older tourist whose children have all grown up. Dingle estimated that the UK cruise market would grow about 22% between 2004 and 2006, with 1.25 million British people taking a cruise by then. By 2010, he believes there will be 1.8 million UK cruisers, representing annual growth of about 10%. (ttglive.com [online] 2005) Target Market Cruisers are derived from those generic to holidaymakers. It has been discovered that a cruiser profile is made up of PRESSED - which includes o Party / Partygoer - These people tend to go on cruises for the on-board activities and the nightlife. They tend to be happiest on a ship which has the latest entertainment features, a lively casino and plenty of organised activities. o Relax / Relaxer - The relaxer is on the cruise to relax and unwind, although in the night they may decide to take in a degree of action, in the day they are there to loosen up, find themselves and devour the ship's library. o Enthuse / Enthusiast - These people are addicted to cruising, what goes on in the ship is not very important but as long as they are on a cruise they are happy. o Stroll / Stroller - The stroller is someone who is on the cruise for status. ...read more.


Some people copy these people regardless of whether they have the money, as long as it is seen as trendy and lots of people are doing it, then more and more people will start to follow and do the same thing. This is known as "Keeping up with the Joneses" where the Joneses are the famous rich people who do everything first, and everyone will copy them, just so they do not feel left out and are in with fashion. Commitment Most consumers tend to be loyal and committed to their chosen companies. If a cruise liner gives the customer an unforgettable experience with good value for money, the consumer is bound to go back to that company. Also, if point schemes and loyalty points are used by the company, many consumers tend to go back and use that company as they know that when they do, points will become incentives for their next holiday with the same company. Solo Market The cruise industry has recently started to target the solo market, targeting single people who would like to go on cruises to meet new people and maybe even a partner. Cruises are an excellent choice for the single person who is looking to get away and have an enjoyable vacation. A cruise ship will offer you an enclosed society, which offers a sense of community and friendliness that you would not find in land bases holidays. Many single people are attracted to cruising in today's world, in fact it is estimated to be about 20% of passengers are single. (cruise-information-center.com [online] 2005) Some of the reasons why singles are interested in the cruise market is due to knowing they are in a safe and secure environment, with the same types of people being there are people like themselves who are on these cruises to meet new people. There is a good chance of these passengers finding romance whilst on their chosen cruise. ...read more.


Since the demand for family cruises increased there are now many cruises which offer this cruise. With parents being able to relax like on a normal holiday and their children being able to run-free, play all day and night, with experienced trained staff looking after them. As the solo market for holidays boomed, the cruise industry took this opportunity too add this onto their itinerary, targeting single passengers looking for fun, friends and even romance. The consumer's demands were the main problem within the cruise industry, not having enough activities and on-board entertainment for their passengers. With long, hard thought and research this was easily overcome by many different cruise liners offering different special activities for their passengers which is mentioned above includes, open-air cinema, on-board golfing lessons, ice rinks and also planetariums. This way helping to attract different types of passengers onto these cruises, having a good time whether alone, as a couple or even families. Competition in every industry is always a major factor, with the cruise industry being worldwide with many identical cruise liners offering the same destination cruises, the cruise liners have to make themselves unique and standout against the other lines. Environmental and political issues have also been a main factor for every industry including air and rail. This is something which cannot be overcome easily but helping to reduce these factors can help consumers to choose to cruise and also choose to cruise with which company. As a whole the cruise industry over the years has grown to be very diverse, customers now actually want to go on cruising holidays instead of having land-based holidays due to the on-board activities / entertainment available to them. As Dingle 1999, quoted above in the introduction section, the cruise industry will continue to grow and will grow at a very fast pace, soon offering unseen and unheard of products for all their consumers whether young, old, single or married, everyone will soon be cruising. ...read more.

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