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Does music influnce our mind and behaviour?

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DOES MUSIC INFLUNCE OUR MIND AND BEHAVIOUR? COURSEWORK Hello my name is Ahmed mir and the title of my speech today is DOES MUSIC INFLUNCE OUR MIND AND BEHAVIOUR. Music (especially rap music) does it influence our mind and behaviour? What do you think? If you heard a rap artist i.e eminem raping about killing his wife what would you think? Would you be sick or would you just class it as music? Well that is what I wanted to find out. People like different types of music and have different stereotypes i.e. some people may wear baggy clothing so in school they would be labelled "moshers" or "Goths" and people wearing designer label sport clothing with their socks tucked in are usually referred to as "scallys", who made these words up? Why common rule for children to abide by these words? Are children really into music that much that if they heard the lyrics by eminem in the song Kim, would they be ready to kill someone? PLAY MUSIC NOW Eminem says "One of you tries to grab a knife, and during the struggle he accidentally Gets his Adams apple sliced....And whiles this are going' on...his son just Woke up, and he just walks in...She panics...and he gets his throat cut, so Now they both dead....and ...read more.


I am now going to play another 10 second clip this time this song is by coldplay and is called in my place: This song by coldplay has no SCARY feel to it it's a relaxing song no violence mentioned, now are these the types of songs our children should be listening to? But the contrast between Kim and this song is like the similarities between black and white (virtually none). But how do young children get hold of unsuitable lyrics? When all explicit lyrics have a warning like the one below Music critics are always criticising rap artists saying that rap artists influence gun violence. But isn't it your choice weather or not you pull the trigger? Yes, maybe some songs do have lyrics which have unsuitable lyrics. And isn't it your choice weather or not you listen to the song? The question every one wants to know the answer to is gun violence promoted in the music industry? Do you think so? Months back there was a gun incident were four young people were shot in a shot out between rival gangs in Birmingham. Was this related with music? While on the internet I searched how music in influences and while searching I found out about horrific gang violence storys.now could these also be connected with music? ...read more.


Mainly it depends on society and how they feel on the subject of music, it seems that teenage society thinks that we MUST listen to some kind of "scally" or "mosher" music as a child so the child can belong to a group of people otherwise they will be bullied. Why are we so stupid to follow idols? Why do we follow what they are doing and look if they are in trouble with the police or if they have been stupid and done something wrong why are we there always to see if the media has got something exciting about them aren't we invading their privacy? These people are just normal citizens who have been lucky enough to become famous. You can choose your point of view on this subject but my point of view is that firearms are being abused but that is only my opinion and in this world that doesn't count as much does it? If we see that guns are being used by people on TV we think they are "cool" so irresponsible parents that they don't see that their chid is becoming interested in firearms shouldn't the parents be concerned? How come we cannot detect these signs? But we should try and not promote violence but resolve the violence. Thank you for listening now if you have any questions I will be happy to answer. ...read more.

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