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Examine the ways in which the James bond film Die Another Day has been promoted and advertised.

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Examine the ways in which the James bond film Die Another Day has been promoted and advertised. An organisation with a specific purpose is called an institution. Their main objective is to make money. An organisation that deals in media will make media products such as TV programmes, films, or magazines. Hollywood is a multinational institution that appeals to people world wide by producing a large amount of films from America and paying for films in the U.K. James Bond is an example an example of a very successful Hollywood film series which started in 1962. The idea originated from books written by Ian Fleming although it's now owned by Barbara Broccoli who took over the rights from her father. The films are filmed on scene or in pinewood studios (U.K.) they are financed from al over the place by many different people each of which get a share of the profits. ...read more.


and the plot without giving much away. A quaint taster for the eagerly awaited Bond film. Bond films are also advertised through posters although these do not have the same effect and aren't as emphasized as the trailers they help add to the anticipation. It is usually extremely easy to recognise the bond brand. Firstly they have the 007 logo, and then as soon as you a James bond character i.e. Pierce Brosnan because it is bond films are so big you automatically relate him to James bond, less obvious but still relevant are things like the Bond car either a previous one or the new one and even things as simple as silhouettes of women or guns, these brands are recognised because of the millions of pounds spent on advertising the films, the identity of the new James bond car is almost more anticipated than that of the actors, so much now that the cars have become part of the bond brand. ...read more.


The appearance of these cars in theses films has been known to triple the sales of cars as well as labelling cars as company's finest achievements. As well as Famous and popular cars the actors are important to bring in an audience and this is where holly woods use of the star system comes in, they use top names like pierce Brosnan and Hale Berry. having top actors like this can mean to the public its going to be a film worth viewing just fro the actors plus it can just mean it looks good plus its got good actors in it. The bond character can usually expect a few years work out of the films unlike the girls who rarely appear again in a bond film. Hollywood films are very expensive to make and so if they flop in the box office it can cost millions. Luckily the bond films through their mixture of special effects, actors, gadgets and cars are never a flop and appeal to millions of people around the world. ...read more.

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