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For this assignment I am going to write a report on study skills and the use of study skills.

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Assignment 1 - Introduction Purpose For this assignment I am going to write a report on study skills and the use of study skills. This report is to help and inform people to find and use study skills. Study skills includes things such as organisation skills, e.g. time management, files, etc... Hopefully this report will lead to increasing the readers study skills. Target Audience I am aiming this report at students between the age of 16 and 18 years who are doing an A Level Course (Advanced Level Course). The student reading this are expected to do well in their A Levels (e.g. grades A-C). The student is also expected to go on to a good University after college, and then onto a professional job such as solicitors, accountants, etc... ...read more.


MAKE SURE draft copies of report and final copies of report are saved under different file names so that they can both be printed off and used as evidence. Planning Your Research Where I Intend To Look To find out where I can get information on study skills, I intend to look at books and websites. As I don't know these websites, I have decided to search for "study skills" on a number of different search engines including Yahoo, Google, and AskJeeves. What I Will try And Find Out I am trying to find information on study skills. On the search engines, I will search for website with information on study skills. ...read more.


This website gave me a number of websites that were very useful for this assignment, the main one being the one evaluated below. Website - www.ucc.vt.edu/stdysk/stdyhlp.html Time management and use, study skills checklist, note taking, proof reading, procedures for writing papers, strategies for improving concentration and memory Some very useful information for a wide variety of different study skills. Checklist very useful for those who don't know where they are lacking in study skills. Website - www.mmu.ac.uk/lsu/studyskills/pub-revision.html When and what to revise, revision methods, taking the exam, steps to high quality revision, learning revision activities. Some excellent and bullet points, although a bit undescriptive. However the bullet points are very useful "tit bits" of information. Book - The Good Study Guide - Andrew Northedge Time Management Some useful material on time management and planning, but a little vague on details. 09/05/07 - Katie Holt David Jakubovic ...read more.

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