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Genre conventions in the films Control, Dead mans shoes and Casino Royale

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Genre conventions in the films Control, Dead man's shoes and Casino Royale There are many different genres of film and each has its own set of generic conventions, films will follow these conventions to a certain degree. For example many mainstream Hollywood films will follow these conventions almost fully; films with a niche audience will often stray away from these generic conventions. A film that follows these conventions too strictly may be said to be boring and predictable however the audience may take pleasure from seeing conventions they know and take comfort from it. I am going to look at the films I am studying in terms of generic conventions and how they make use of them. The most conventional film is Casino Royale; it is a typical action film featuring almost everything the viewer would expect from an action film. ...read more.


The main convention of an action film in my opinion is the following of the protagonist on his journey as he faces challenges; this hero will always succeed in conventional action films. This makes it very predictable for the audience who will often know for sure the hero is going to win and in a lot of cases the beautiful female (if there is one) will fall in love with him. However if the film breaks these conventions the viewer expects to see it will surprise them making the film more interesting and exciting. The least generic of these films in my opinion is Control, firstly because of its genre classification - it is a biography, drama and music film. This is not a common form of film in comparison to the very popular action/adventure genre and this is why it is harder to say if it follows generic genre conventions. ...read more.


The main idea of the plot is of a man taking revenge on people by killing them. This basic idea can be found in many horror films and as the viewer may expect he does kill all of the people who had abused his brother. However the plot does have an unexpected twist with Richard getting the last victim to instead kill him. This is an example of how a typical plot can be changed to add excitement. A typical feature of this film is the violence and bloodshed featured, it is seen in most horror films and will be expected by the audience. For example in the scene when Richard drugs the victims he shoots one of them in the head, this is brutal and realistic violence. It could be compared to violence seen in Hollywood horror films such as saw, although these films are entirely different. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Cross ...read more.

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