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History of soaps

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History of Soap Operas In this essay I will be talking about the history of soap operas. Soap operas have been one of the most popular forms of television everywhere in the world. The original soap opera weren't television programs as they are now and they were called serials then and stories continued day to day. They first began in the US in the 1920's - 1930's, when the main form of entertainment was the radio. This was because televisions were not as common in those times. These radio shows used to be sponcored by soap and powder companies and this is why the word soap is used to describe the shows. This was because radio stations relied mainly on income from there sponsors, and as female audiences were the target audience and the advertisers marketed towards them. ...read more.


* Emergency Ward 10 was a British television series shown on ITV between 1957 and 1967, it was made by Tessa Diamond. It was one of the first major soap operas in those times. * In the 1960s Coronation Street was brought to the UK television and quickly became quite successful, It was created by Tony Warren and was launched on the ITV channel in Dec 1960 and its still shown on TVs. * 199 Park Lane is a British television soap opera produced by the BBC in 1965. It faced many problems duringor after the broadcasting for e.g. the actors got their lines wrong or they forgot it, they had no second chance as in those days the shows would sometimes be live. * During the 1960s Corronation St's main rival was Crossroads, a daily serial that began in 1964 and was broadcast by ITV in the early evening. ...read more.


* Neighbours aired in March 1985 it was produced by Reg Watson. Although it's origin was Australia, it was liked by many in the UK too and it was shown on the BBC channel but changed to channel Five. * Home and Away - another Australian programme shown in Britain which also quite successful amungst the audience. This serial was shown by Alan Bateman in January 1988. * Hollyoaks was released by Phil Redmond in October 1995, its shown on channel four and E4. Many soaps out of these are still being continued for the viewers as they were on demand but others had been aborted by the producers as they were unsuccessful or other reasons. There have been many changes in the soaps for e.g. the quality of the programmes have improved as the technology improved and because of this many soaps have been appriciated by the viewers. There are more and more soap operas being made as they have been quite successful in history. Gokul.B ...read more.

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