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How does the director manipulate the audience's reaction to the opening and closing sequences of the film 'Bend It Like Beckham'?

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How does the director manipulate the audience's reaction to the opening and closing sequences of the film 'Bend It Like Beckham'? The Film 'Bend It Like Beckham' is shown as a light hearted comedy in the blurb and also at the very start of the film. The term 'Comedy' means humour, a film with a comedy genre is supposed to make people laugh. So, it seems that 'Bend It Like Beckham' is comedy, however once the storyline of the film begins the director starts to add themes and particular issues. The Director makes the issues apparent not only through the narrative but also film language and techniques. So is the film just another comedy, or does it have a serious message behind it? The opening sequence starts with contrapuntal sound. The audience hears the commentary of a football match whilst seeing the credits on the screen. Immediately the audience is thinking the film is about football. David Beckham's name is mentioned, and he is praised of his football skills. The visuals then complement the diegetic sound because it shows an extract from a televised football match. Use of camera movements, close-ups, long shots and especially the low-angle point of view shots make the football match more intense. This then makes the goal look even better and exaggerates the glory of the girl who scored it. ...read more.


This is very typical for teenagers in today's world. The audience is being manipulated because the director is bringing up more issues into the film. The director then shows the busy bustle of the London streets, with uplifting Indian music and the girls getting chips instead of their dinner, this makes the scene seem lighter hearted, as though things are going better. The sister's then meet their Indian friends in a shoe store; showing they are too involved with fashion, the Indian music continues to play. This is given away again when they start talking about the colour of their contact lenses. When they finish their conversation the girls show their true feelings. They are two faced towards one another. Jess's sister is annoyed because one of her friends has the same contact lenses, and her friends resent Jess's sister because of her engagement. This is also showing another issue in the film, 2-faced friendships happen in real life too. The comedy in the scene not only provides light hearted relief, but also makes the audience remember that particular part of the film, making them think about the issue being conveyed. The scene also represents a racial point. Her friends, who come from the same culture as her, do not get on well with her; demonstrating irony. ...read more.


This shows have race has nothing to do with anything at the end of the film. Joe is also playing and so this means Jess's dad has accepted Jo. The film finally ends with an ice cream van coming along the road by Jess's house. This represents happiness and joy; it is associated with good times. I believe the director wanted to create a film that was enjoyable to watch and also shows a serious message. The enjoyment from the film comes from the comedy and the happiness at the end of the film. But the audience can only have a good feeling at the end if they have witnessed the cast having a tough time in the middle of the film. However, the director also wanted to make people walk away from the film thinking about the points raised in the film. The director wanted to show the contrast between both cultures, and how both have similarities and differences, and how both have serious issues. The way the film was directed was very clever, the director manager to make it entertaining as well as educational and thought provoking. The director manipulates the audience's reactions in the opening and closing sequences to the film. She does this through the use of comedy and issues, both enhanced by film language. William Allen 10L 10/05/2007 1 ...read more.

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