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How does violence in the media affect society, and in particular, children.

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Mark-Anthony Heslop GCSE Media Assignment How does violence in the media affect society, and in particular, children. Violence today affects society in a dramatic way. Children, in particular, are affected the most by violent attacks and other types of violence. Violence is mostly shown in the media which is viewed or read by many people, of any age. We say that children in particular are affected by violence, but how? Well, in this modern world most children have televisions in their room. Most children have access to the internet, where websites can promote violence. As Christmas nears the demand from children for the latest game consoles like PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo Game Cube is getting higher. But, the games consoles are not very good without games to play on them; however some games contain high levels of violence. Games can be advertised in magazines or on the television during primetime. Take my young cousin as an example, he got a PlayStation last Christmas with ten games and two of the games were recommended for people over the age of eighteen. ...read more.


News reports go into a great amount of detail when reporting terrorist attacks. Take the terrorist attack in Bali, a club full of people enjoying themselves, when a car bomb outside the club went off and there was a devastating result. ITN news reported this for about a week. It was the headline of the programme and it had about a ten minute slot in the news report. Within these ten minutes viewers saw real life footage of the club burn down, people screaming, running for their lives, all this captured by a tourist and his camera. Day after day you would see this one piece of footage because it is all that they have got. During the day news reports are short, but when most people are likely to see the news is around six o'clock, when they come in from work, they switch on the television, and sit down to relax, only to find another dreadful event has happened. Children also see the news; Newsround is a news programme on CBBC. ...read more.


Television programmes use a variety of camera shots and sound effects to add to the effect, to keep the viewers entertained, just like the newspapers do to keep the readers reading. Parents have no control over what children see if they have televisions in their rooms, but children are more likely to watch programmes which are not targeted at them. No matter what type of media it is, television, newspaper, film, computer games, etc, it all plays a big role in propagating violence in the media. It all affects society and in particular children who are the worse off in all this. Where do I stand in all this? I am like the some children, I come home from school turn on the television only to find that terrorists have struck again. We are the victims in the middle of this and it is only we who can change the world we live in today, which is full of violence. The solution to this is to make the violent world, a happy place to live, by just doing the smallest thing of niceness. Mark-Anthony Heslop ...read more.

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