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ICT in the community

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ICT in the community I live in the community of Maidenhead in the south-east of England. ICT is used everyday and without it the community would start to break down and the way of life would run much slower. Cyber cafes The cyber caf� in Maidenhead is perfect for tourists that take digital photos and want to send them to family and friends, also if a tourist wants to contact family and friends it is probably cheaper to email them from a cyber caf� that having to use the phone to call another country although using the phone is quicker than email. Also people from within the community can use cyber caf�s to do just about anything they would need to on a computer. ...read more.


The website also offers a forum for fans to talk to each other about the team. The good thing about this website is that it is kept up to date by people that work along side the team so the information posted onto the site is true. The down side with the forum is that forums can go down and sometimes there can be problems with logins. The website could have the choice to have a live chat but with this messages are not save where as with a forum posts are saved in a thread in a subject so they are easy to find. GPS Global positioning systems are used in the maidenhead bus services which show where any bus with GPS onboard is on a central map located at maidenhead bus services head quarters. ...read more.


This is ideal for professionals that are out of the office a lot to send and receive emails. There is one major problem with this though and that is people have set up an 'evil twin' which is a hotspot that looks just the same as an ordinary hotspot but as you access the internet and give any information the people that set up the evil twin get hold of all you information this can include password and credit card details. Also getting your laptop out in public is risky as it could get stolen. To evaluate, ICT has changed they way communities work making life easier and quicker but all this new technology does have its down sides which can cause major problem to our society that is so used to having reliable technology. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zo� Wood Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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