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Language is a loaded weapon. Discuss

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Essay For Language Homework. Language is a loaded weapon. Discuss: Language is that knowledge held by native speakers which, combined with the use of expressive faculties, enables them to communicate in spoken and written forms. Language is creative it can create ambience i.e. harmony, strife and war depending on how we use it, and the intentions of the user. Man is a complex being - each individual made so by unique & common experiences, which colour not only our reception/perception and interpretation of data but also influence our delivery. The way people deliver a message can alter the way we think, our understanding, perception, or approach. Language can be used honestly or dishonestly. To convey truth or to pervert truth, to persuade, to convince, to control, to unite, disunite, to make something clear or to mystify. Language is the tool we use to communicate. Its not just words it includes N.V.C (Non Verbal Communication, signals that we give out in the way we stand and move our body). Some interpretation of language is done at a subconscious level, instinctively. ...read more.


For example in The Mirror after the September 11th incident, they produced a front page with the heading "My son the hijacker". The way this title is worded makes you sympathise with the Mother, and shows us that the hijackers where not just people that had nothing to live for and no family, but people that had families. The subheading to this title was "I did not bring up my son to hate... he was a good, kind, young man not an evil killer." This brings reality to the fact that you think you know who and what type of person your son/daughter is, but then a tragic thing like this happens and you find out that perhaps you don't really know who and what your child is really like. Another example that language is a loaded weapon is in The Sun's October 4th paper, on page 11 there was a heading "Scouts leader 'let boy, 10, die on mountain." Your first reactions and emotions to this title are anger, hatred and spite towards the scout leader for letting a 10-year old boy die on a mountain. ...read more.


A heading and its article entitled "Gulp!" took up nearly the whole of the page compared with a little box in the left hand corner which had the heading "Girls-raped by gang of 14." When a few years later a similar thing happens to a boy this gets front-page news with the title of "A gay gang rapes boy, 19" from The Sun. The way these articles have been positioned and the amount they have had written on them manipulates what the mass media wants us to know. The way the second article is written shows us that the media try to control what we think. The heading itself creates a lot of emotions even though his age is given as nineteen, the word 'boy' is what immediately grabs your attention and causes your imagination to see a small child rather than a young man. Therefore taking in to consideration all these examples you find that language is not only a loaded weapon but is also "one thousand ways biased." It can be used to manipulate what we think and what we think we know. We are told what to think and not asked to think about what we are told. ?? ?? ?? ?? PHILIP APPLEYARD Page 1 28/04/2007 ...read more.

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