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Macro Essay The film I will be analyzing is "Blade runner," a film directed by Ridley Scott and based on Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep," can be classed as a Classic Film Noir, as well as a Science fiction. Ridley Scott plants bits of Film Noir throughout, from the subtle like cigars, to the obvious: the washed-up cop for the main man. The film uses the original 'film noir' motifs and some that Ridley Scott created himself. The film is a sci-fi film as it is set in the future. The main film noir motif as such that Ridley Scott incorporates into Blade Runner is the use of the film noir characters. Although there are many differences between Deckard and the classic film noir anti hero, he is defiantly the anti hero. He tends to wear a long trench coat which is a classic costume for the film noir genre. He also appears to be a loner which tends to be a film noir anti hero trait. ...read more.


During the long shot there are three shots of a close up eye. These shots emphasize the importance of the eye during the film. The eye is used as a way of telling humans if a person is a replicant or a human being as the replicants cannot feel emotion. The film continues development. The generic convention of a sci-fi featured in the film is the spacecraft and the buildings which could be mistaken for motherboards on the inside of a computer. The generic convention of a film in the film noir genre is the characters faces partially obscured by darkness and in the shot where it flicks which is a disorientation device as well as wide lenses shots and low angle shots these conventions are fulfilled with the coinciding image of a man in a room. The man is smoking a cigar which is another convention as the atmosphere is smokey and eerie. Another man walks in to the room and there is a shot of all the technology including computers and machines. ...read more.


Once again the atmosphere is smokey and itillustrates that the interior of the buildings such as the detective's office has generic conventions of film noir whereas meanwhile the exterior like the outside world of the buildings, streets and the caf� were Deckard was sitting before he was "arrested" are stereotypical of a sci-fi film. The film is a hybrid genre as it is not only a sci-fi and film noir but also part of the crime sub genre. Typical generic conventions of a sci-fi film often include a futuristic setting or perhaps space-like, as well as dark lighting and harsh shadows. Although this film does not include space in the setting other generic themes are in place which shows that the film is a typical sci-fi film. Other generic conventions within the mise-en-scene elements include the futuristic props and setting, such as the retro-futuristic clothes and also the advanced technology used. As part of the audience I would expect aspects such as these to appear in the film and I would believe it to be a conventional sci-fi and film noir film. ...read more.

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