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Macro essay

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As a science fiction film, Terminator 2, fits mainly in the "humans pushing boundaries too far" thematic strand of the genre. In a world full of cyborg's trying to take over the world one man named john is trying to save the human race but a cyborg has been sent into the past to kill him as a young boy. The film tells the story of this young boy and his protector (Arnold schwarzenegger) trying to kill the evil cyborg. However the protector is a cyborg too only a good one. In order to keep the human race alive he has to protect this kid no matter what because when he becomes an adult he will be our only chance of survival. John and his protector become real close and john tries to teach his protector to be more human by showing him how people behave. As with many science fiction films, the dystopian portrait of the future society it represents is largely an opportunity to explore anxiety amongst ...read more.


All this makes the viewer very aware of whats happened because we have immediately come into a distopian atmosphere that was established in the first movie. The flames themselves serve a very important purpose because they are symbolising all the disruption and chaos and disspair around appearing through out this movie and through out all of the terminator movies. The horses and swings are shocking to the viewer because we associate them with fun, children and happiness, so when we see them aflame its unexpected and very strange to the viewer. The contrast between the child like structures and the flames signals the destruction that is to take place in the movie. The slow drumming and orchestral music playing to the beginning sequence helps to suggest the gravity of the films theme and also evokes a more personal response which is an iconic signifier of the distopian atmosphere and melodrama which also becomes central to the films story. ...read more.


As this is being shown the woman's voice begins her story of why this is like it is, she speaks slowly and with a lot of pain almost as if the words are being forced from her soul. As the camera continues to pan the cyborg comes into view and starts shooting at an object outside the screne and noise returns in the form of flame and gun fire the editing here is superb because we have just witnessed a terrible thing and now we have to get to grips with this cyborg that has just crushed a human skull with its metal foot. All these machines coming into view and people fighting for their lives. Later on the swings we see in the first few seconds are engulfed in flame that has risen high above its structure. It's hard to think that children had once played there harmlessly, the audience now are expected to feel sad at this because its meant to show that maybe the future of our childrens lives aren't going to be so happy. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

This is not really a conclusion, and so the essay seems to end rather abruptly. Ideally, the student would return to the points they raise in the first paragraph (audience anxiety and classic themes in science fiction) and provide some kind of insightful summation of how this film fits into the bigger picture.

On the whole the essay is quite insightful, but lacking in detail or deep analysis. The writing is also a bit too conversational and informal to qualify as good academic writing.

2 stars

Marked by teacher Govinda Dickman 23/10/2013

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