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Marketing Promotional Strategy - A Mobile Phone Network for Marks and Spencer

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Marketing Promotional Strategy Product- A Marks and Spencer virtual mobile telecommunication network. This service would be run on one of the four major networks, mm02, Vodafone, Orange, or One2One. The pricing tariffs will be competitively priced to match the current markets prices. The user of the Marks and Spencer mobile phone will be sent news of special offers and deals, and other promotional advertisement by text message. This will include phone owner special offers and a point scheme where by every time they use a special offer sent to them by text message they will get special bonus points which will earn them credit for their mobile phone or money off their bill. This service will include special Marks and Spencer mobile phones, which will be exclusive to the Marks and Spencer owner. The Marks and Spencer network will be known as Marks and Spencer Mobile. Business Objective- The objective is to obtain and retain a loyal customer base that will hopefully spend more money and not shop at rival stores. The Marks and Spencer mobile phone will be based on the Orange network as this would make them compatible with other Orange phones making calls between them cheaper, this is more likely to happen as Orange has the largest market share. Marketing Objective- To create a mobile phone network and to advertise and send special offers to subscribers of the Marks and Spencer network. Advertisement will also be done on other mobile phone networks. Fig1 Fig 1 WhatMobile My promotional plan will be to get as many subscribers for the Marks and Spencer network and then to offer them special offers and send them advertisements. The idea is that if they get an offer they cant refuse they will come and spend money on it. This could be used in conjunction with a bonus scheme as at Tesco. While spending at Marks and Spencer they will be less likely to spend at rival stores and as they are subscribed to Marks and Spencer they will feel more loyalty toward the store as they are part of the Marks and Spencer brand. ...read more.


If we see that they are not using their phone often M&S could send them details of a special offer just for them to make them use their phone more often. The monthly M&S magazine could be sent to each customer. This strategy will keep us in contact with them so continuing our relationship with them and influencing their decisions on products to buy, or services, or even putting thoughts in to their heads which they had not considered. Vending machines could be used to dispense mobile phones, top up cards and accessories. This would be very helpful for people who know what they what and want to be in and out as quickly as possible. In Japan, vending machines now dispense frozen beef, fresh flowers, whiskey, jewellery, and even names of future dating partners. A slogan just for the mobile phone would have o be created but it would not be short snappy or corny. Marks and Spencer Mobile, the best connection you can get. This shows the reliability and that you get many other added extras. The unique selling position of this product is that it offers special services such as the latest offers open exclusively to them. For example, a text message is sent to a M&S mobile user telling them that for this week only they can get 10% off any children's wear this week only. All M&S mobile customers will have a unique store card sent to them when they sign up. To claim 10% off any children's wear they buy they would have to show their store card and a unique code sent with that text message. They then would sign like a credit card and they will then be able to buy the product(s) at a 10% discount. Below is the product life cycle of he Marks and Spencer mobile phone and a bipolar map. Graph 1- the life of my product. ...read more.


This is because using the radio is proven to be 4 times more effective per pound than radio compared to TV. This is according to RAB.co.uk. Radio will help target all of my target range as there is a station to suit every ones needs. Radio adverts can be very memorable and have a long lasting effect, which will prove vital in attracting new customers. Television is the mass public sponsorship and will take in large numbers of my target market. Programmes like Seinfeld will have many viewers who are also part of my target group. Television allows sound and vision to be shown and could be a great way of showing the benefits of my product. This will prove highly desirable to my market and should persuade many to join. Newspapers will allow large pictures and detail of what's on offer to my target market. Papers can also show specifications and what you can look forward to if you use Marks and Spencer mobile. This is because of the newspapers ability of having no time constraints and to fit in a lot of information, which would be impossible to do on either radio or TV. The fashion shows will allow my product to be linked with other quality products, add this to in store displays and in store displays, and features such as the fashion shows, people could be persuaded to get a mobile as they are in the store and get even more product information from members of staff. In store displays are very cheap and people will feel more inclined to have a look at what's on offer as they are already in the store. This plan will prove successful as it only needs a small user base to succeed as these people will become the future customers for Marks and Spencer meaning a long term base of loyal fans who will actually spend more than save money through the actual amount of extra shopping they will do at Mark and Spencer. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tim Flathers Marketing Promotional Strategy. 27/04/2007 1 ...read more.

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