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Media Essay for GCSE English AQA, Wes Craven's Scream

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How does Wes Craven's Scream offer audiences a new approach to the horror movie A convention in a movie is something that you would expect, also known as the 'normal' way a movie should be. There are two key aspects that make a horror movie; the narrative conventions, and the genre conventions. In traditional horror movies they have typical sets of narrative conventions based on fairy tales and horror movies. Examples are the journey from safety into danger, the hope of being rescued or the possibility that the threat returning Also in traditional movies they use standard conventions so that audiences can easily identify what type of movie it is. In this essay I will find out how Wes Craven uses horror conventions in his movie Scream. In the movie Scream, it follows most of the events that would usually happen in a traditional horror story. You would expect a young vulnerable women being harassed by a man in a house alone. ...read more.


The isolated house in the countryside is shown as a big house in the middle of nowhere. As is it dark outside, it shows that there is a threat as nothing can be seen and anything could be out there. The feel of her safety disappears as she talks to this unseen man. The movie goes on and the unseen man is revealed as a masked killer that uses knives to kill. The killer uses The audience would expect to see these elements as they happen in a traditional horror movie. This brings the fright to the movie giving the audience the feel of fear and the threat to their personal environment. Scream develops the generic conventions of horror movies as it introduces new and unusual elements. At the beginning, the killer relates to the victim as they start talking. The killer also questions the victim in a friendly way which draws the attention of the audience into the movie. ...read more.


They also talk about how the first show is always better than the next one as the sequel is usually not done by the same director. This is true for NightMare On Elm Street, the first director was Wes Craven but the ones to follow were done by different people. The characters of Scream II quoted that. The new convention shown can also be used in a scary comedy such as the Scary Movie series which took the new convention further as a joke, by taking most scary films and turning it into a big laugh. The sequence of the new approach to horror movies is much different to the traditional horror movies. Scream shows how they portray generic conventions in their movies. The first ten minutes is successful as a mini horror as not only is the first character seen killed but it does what a traditional horror movie would do to scare you in a full length movie. This shows that the movie Scream shows traditional conventions which are reasonable for a horror movie. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alesha Young 28th November 2006 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

The structure and detail of this essay leave a lot to be desired! There are one or two insightful observations about horror conventions, but on the whole the research, the use of the technical language of film studies, and the depth and detail of the analysis all need a lot of development. Current grade: 2 stars

Marked by teacher Govinda Dickman 07/08/2013

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