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Oral Assignment Why 'Pop Idol' corrupts society.

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Why 'Pop Idol' corrupts society. Rebecca Trenner A speech for 11-16 year olds. I have come to talk to you today about the harmful effects of watching 'Pop Idol'. I am aware that many of you have probably seen one or two episodes of the programme; maybe some of you watch it most weeks. I suspect there are a few avid fans of the programme in this room that wouldn't dare miss 2 minutes of it! Now all of you seem pretty bright and switched on to me so why would you want to watch people who can't sing prancing about trying to make money quick by being talent less. I am sure that many of you in here can sing well and play musical instruments and that is what real music is about. Television programmes like 'Pop Idol' are threatening the future of the music industry. ...read more.


Anyway, 'Pop Idol' has lost a lot of its credibility recently; it's just not cool to watch it. Real music is the 'in' thing now, and guitars are more fashionable than they have ever been. Bands like 'The Red Hot Chili Peppers', 'The Darkness' and artists like 'Robbie Williams' and 'Dido' are storming the charts and making a hell of a lot more money and fans then anybody from 'Pop Idol'. All of the artists I just mentioned started from playing around with guitar riffs and vocal lines in their bedrooms as a teenager, and have made it big because of their talent as opposed to going on a poorly produced television programme. Also you might notice that most of the above artists are not particularly good-looking. They haven't been made famous because they have toned bodies or defined cheekbones; they've made it because they are actually talented. ...read more.


I bet a few of you girls would love to have posters of yourself smothered all over teenage boy's bedrooms...you can assure yourself that position by getting into the music industry. Boys just love girls with proper talent that can sing and in no time you'll have boys all over the country (all over the world if you make it big) dreaming about you being their girlfriend. Do many of you read broadsheet newspapers? If you do you will know they are continually insulting 'Pop Idol', the contestants that release albums as well as the people that watch the programme. Do you want to be branded an idiot and a moron for supporting these weak programmes by watching them? If not, the answer is simple, turn off your television and do something constructive instead, like learning an instrument or playing in a band. In the future you will reap the benefits. ...read more.

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