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Part 1- research other documentaries

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Part 1- After choosing to make a documentary for my A2 project, the first thing I set about doing was to research other documentaries that had been made and had been successful on television. I researched relevant mediums to gain knowledge and understanding of the project I was taking on and to make sure that on completion my product followed all the codes and conventions of other documentaries shown in the allocated time slot, on the same channel I was basing my documentaries style around, therefore meaning that mine did not look out of place and unprofessional As my projects brief was to make only the opening 5 minutes of a documentary and not a complete one, I only analysed the opening 5 minutes of other documentaries. I analysed the opening 5 minutes several times so that I could specifically check the different aspects of each opening sequence such as the theme, style, narrative, genre, documentary focus, editing, etc. I recorded many documentaries from the television and then analysed closely the similarities and differences that each documentary contained to give myself an idea of what my documentary should look like. ...read more.


Their targeted audience can cater for a great deal of society and a product that can appeal for the upper class can also appeal for the lower and middle class, though their viewpoints and reasons for watching can differ greatly. Channels use documentaries to engage different demographs. An example of an audiences de-coding of the text is that a mother or a wife of a steroid user would watch for different reasons to a steroid user. The steroid user would probably watch with a negotiated attitude regarding the topic, they would agree with the steroids but also understand that there are side affects and watch for a different purpose to a mother of a drug addict who would watch with a dominant attitude, agreeing with the text that the topic should be discussed and ultimately be represented as a problem society must deter. A persons social and cultural position can also affect de-coding. Documentaries are and traditionally have been a popular genre of program with the mass audience, this is reflected by the fact that there are constantly documentaries being shown at prime time slots of the television schedule on the major terrestrial channels, including profit driven channels such as ITV and channel 4, the television schedule of channel 4 proves this (Appendix A) ...read more.


I developed my ideas when editing my product on I-Movie and also at the filming stage of production, by filming unplanned footage or from different angles than planned, all to try and imitate channel 4's house style. An example of an idea I chose to develop was to bring another character into the opening sequence, though only for a short period this idea was encouraged after researching other documentaries which style and theme I was aiming to re-create such as the BBC documentary 'Skint' which involved other characters to inform the viewing audience about other aspects about the subjects life and personality. I would include the drug abusers mother to gain her aspect on her sons life adding depth and understanding to the documentary as other similar products would include. Many ideas were changed and developed during the project all in hope of improving the overall product. The technology I used in the making of my opening five minutes to a documentary were the cameras for filming the footage used in the product, the I-movie program on the Apple computers for editing the footage and including music and voice-overs for the narrator and also the tape recorder to make it possible to record and analyse other products on the same medium as the one I was producing on. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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