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Promotional strategy - Advertising

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E4: Advertising According to the American Marketing Association, advertising is, 'any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identifiable sponsor'. Advertising can be a costly promotional tool but, many businesses continue to use it. I have listed the following reasons why a business needs to advertise: * * To create awareness, customer interest or desire * To boost sales * To build brand loyalty * To launch a new product * To change customer attitudes * To build the company or brand image * To remind and reassure customers * To offset competitor advertising * To support the sales force Advertising consist of two main features: the message and the medium. The message is what you want your communication to say. The medium is how you get your message across to people, e.g. through television or radio. There are three special kinds of advertising: informative advertising, persuasive advertising, and reinforcement advertising. Informative advertising involves raising consumer awareness of the features and benefits of a product. ...read more.


This is because; it is difficult to predict how effective a particular campaign is going to be, and therefore how much money should be spent. There are a number of ways, which business might use to decide upon advertising budget, e.g.: * As a percentage of past sales- the advantage of this is, using finance already earned. The disadvantage of this is, it ignores changes in the future market * As a percentage of future sales- the advantage of this is, it is very flexible. The disadvantage of this is problems can occur if, sales targets are not met. * Based on competitor expenditure- the advantage of this, easy assess to the market. The disadvantage of this is, it can lead to competitors gaining the lead because, they are always the pace-setters Determine the key advertising messages The advertising message must be carefully aimed at the target consumer audience. An effective advertising message should have the following characteristics: 1. Meaningful- customers should find the message relevant 2. ...read more.


The Independent Television Commission (ITC) monitors any advertisements on the radio, on television, and at the cinema. Again, if any complaints are made by consumers, ITC will investigate the advertisement, and possibly ban it in the future. Advantages of advertising: * * Appropriate for building awareness * Ability to create images that sales staff cannot * Effective at reaching a wide audience * Repetition of main brand or product positioning helps build customer trust Disadvantages of advertising: * * It is expensive to advertise * Difficulties in measuring effectiveness * Difficulties in getting immediate response and action * Not suitable to getting customers to make a final purchasing decision I have chosen advertising as part of my promotional strategy because, of the fact of when selling a service you need to advertise it to the customers, so that they will know that a new service has been introduced into the marketplace. I will explain why I have chosen this component and how this component will help me achieve my promotional strategy, on pages ( ). ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 7: Marketing Promotional Strategy Created by Baljinder Duhra - 32 - ...read more.

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