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Shopping online

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Task 1: Online Operating Mrs George has to prepare a lesson for school about shopping on the Internet and discusses it with her family. They have just started to use the online service. Research and produce a report describing how a family could shop for their groceries using a website and discuss the benefits and limitations this might bring to the family and society. Your report should consider the effects on: * The family * Supermarket management and their employees Online Shopping: Systems that provide a secure environment for browsing and purchasing products over an on-line service, such as America Online or via a Web site like Amazon.com Shopping on the internet is quick and convenient and should be no riskier than buying by mail order or on the phone. A screenshot of online shopping is shown below. Companies that have already implemented e-commerce have seen major benefits, experiencing increasing sales and gaining wider market coverage. Although already huge, nearly everyone is in agreement that the amount of purchasing done online will continue to grow for many years to come. A description of online shopping is shown in the steps below. It also shows screenshots of each click which you must do and instructions to follow. * Now click on 'GO SHOPPING' which is highlighted on a background of blue. * You will now come across the screen which is asking for your postcode if you are a new customer. If you are an existing customer then you need to type in your details in the second box otherwise you type in your details in the first box. * When you have typed in your postcode and clicked enter the screen will come across this screen. (This is how the screen looks like if ASDA don't deliver to your chosen postcode area. * If your postcode is an area where ASDA can deliver to then your screen will look like the one shown above. ...read more.


Also wastage can be identified such as heating controls which are set too high or any equipment that has been left on overnight. Actions aiming at improving any sort of problem can be detained from the systems. Accurate data on consumption and CO2 emissions are also able to be monitored. * How the environment could benefit from Anita using ICT resources to prepare her report rather than by hand Explore the possible issues involved when Anita: * Uses the laptop computer with Mrs. George's school information on it Seeing as floppy disks would be used and other storage mediums, there is a possibility to get viruses onto the laptop. If Anita needs to get rid of any sort of these viruses then she would need to have the most up to date anti-virus software installed on her laptop to prevent her laptop being infected. When connected to the internet she can also get hacked and a virus could very easily get into her laptop. Her laptop could get stolen by someone. This could cause distress to her and her family and could result in them losing out money as laptops are generally pretty expensive. The information on the laptop could get damaged or corrupted if she or someone else dropped her laptop. A TFT screen (flat screen) is very expensive to repair. Anita could find herself in a difficult situation because to repair the screen would be more than the cost of the laptop most likely. * Uses the material and information found on the internet in her report If Anita is using the internet, viruses and hackers can get into her laptop. The information found on the internet is always changing and also the data will not be the same all the time. She could find herself getting irrelevant or misleading information off the internet and this could be damaging to her and the people she is planning to show it to. ...read more.


* He does not know much about computers and has not used them before. With a real teacher if you don't understand you can tell them ''I can't understand'' and they can keep on rephrasing their advice but whereas CBL you won't get different pieces of advice from them and it will not rephrase anything. * Any health problems may affect Mr. George in using a pc for example may have a bad back or bad eyesight. Benefits of CBL to the employer: * It shows good investment and also will give the company a good reputation as they will be expanding their employees skills and the company cares about what happens to them if they leave * CBL shows good investment into the business this will give them a good reputation. Limitations of CBL to the employer: * May be expensive to set up * You have to have one PC installed within the actual company to ensure that you have the Computer Based Learning system. * Need staff maintenance to make sure problems and faults with the CBL are dealt with. This therefore means more costs for the company. Task 6: Electronic Communication Mrs George is pleased about having the laptop computer as she can use it to communicate with her school by fax or email. Show in a report the advantages and disadvantages of these two systems for sending an urgent message into school. Compare these electronic methods with using ordinary mail to send documents. Advantages Disadvantages Fax Instant. All schools have a fax machine and it's easy to see when a fax has arrived. Cannot be certain that the fax has been received (by the right person Email Instant. Easier to direct message to a specific person's mailbox. Cannot always be certain that the message has been read. The message will only go to people it's addressed to - if they are absent then the message may never be read. Ordinary Mail ?? ?? ?? ?? Zain Sheikh Candidate No. 4136 Beauchamp College Centre No. 25280 Unit 9 ...read more.

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