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Should you judge a woman by the cover of her magazine? Should you judge a woman by the cover of her magazine? Well

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Media Coursework - Seth Stahl Should you judge a woman by the cover of her magazine? Should you judge a woman by the cover of her magazine? Well at first this question seems unfitting as we, as a society, know full well that this judging is happening anyway even when all goodness says we should not. So I ask myself, not should you do it, but why do we do it? Are we forced to have no other choice and How? Titles reading "279 wardrobe updates" and "Cosmo's max your life guide" in Cosmopolitan, imply that your wardrobe needs updating and your life needs "maxing". This contributes to the never ending cycle of fashion, but also to the building of your personality. It is a proven fact that people change according to their surroundings and what they are exposed to. ...read more.


Although this is obvious to us sane, non-obsessive, non-readers it is no more than invisible to those shallow minded "wannabe" models who eagerly lead themselves slowly, crumb by crumb, to what they want so much: a constantly moving finish line, a computer-edited face. And yet they have no idea that they will never reach it. But why are these women like this? Is it that God did not give them the simple gift of common sense, to see that these magazines are simply not helping their lives but wasting money? Or is it that the poor women are victims of the magazine's cruel techniques of trapping women in the black hole of fashion; maybe they were bored one day and there it was on the table in front of them, with bold letters spelling "one tiny move that guarantees maximum pleasure" jumping to their attention. ...read more.


Then that person picks it up and notices an intriguingly gruesome story about how a "man survives with arms and legs blown off ". There's two ; how long did that take? There's no wonder this is one of the best selling magazines in Britain. I couldn't say that I wouldn't read a story like that, as we all have a natural instinct to get excitement through curiosity from other people's bad experiences, we've all done it. But I wouldn't read these voyeuristic stories and then look at the model men next to it and want to be like them. To be honest, I wouldn't want to even look at a half naked man, but that's me and there is no users guide to me. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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