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Soap opera scheme of work.

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Year 10. Soap opera scheme of work. In this essay I am going to analyse the representation of women and young people in Hollyoaks and Eastenders. The target audience of Hollyoaks are young people because there are young people in Hollyoaks. It won't be for an older audience because they will be watching other soaps like Eastenders because there are old and young people in it. Hollyoaks is on at 6:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, some people will be at work but the younger people would of come home from school a couple of hours before Hollyoaks starts. Older people will be able to watch Hollyoaks on Sunday because they might not be working on a Sunday. ...read more.


If these things were not in soaps they would be boring and no one would watch it because they would be dull. For example in Eastenders 'Natalie' is have an affair with 'Ricky', 'Laura is pregnant with someone else's baby. People will carry on watching this soap because they what to know who's baby it is because they find it interesting. In Hollyoaks there are not many affairs or murders. From a boys point of view they would watch it because of the attractive woman. People watch soaps because they are entertaining or it fits into its schedule or they watch them because the soap is put towards their age group e.g. ...read more.


I think at the moment people will be feeling sorry for Kat and Laura because they are both pregnant an because Laura has been chucked out on the streets by Ian. I think most people dislike Kat because she is a tat. I think people like and dislike Pat, Pauline and Peggy because the can be nice and they can be horrible. Conclusion: The differences between the representation of women in the two soaps Eastenders and Hollyoaks are because of their target audience. Eastenders target audience is all ages so there is a range of women represented. Hollyoak's target audience is mainly younger people because of all the young people in it and the plots focus on teenage issues. They are both similar in the way like represent women in a negative way. ...read more.

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