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The life and works of Kurt Cobain Nirvana.

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The life and works of Kurt Cobain Nirvana. General lifestyle. Kurt Cobain was a normal man. He had a wife called Courtney and a daughter called Frances. But if you think he was depressed and unstable, you'd be right be right! (That is if you were talking about his final years.) He formed a band at the age of 24 and started to create music of many types, for instance: At the begging of the bands' (Nirvana) career, the album ''Bleach'' (released 1989) had hard, soft, depressing, lively music to please all genres of people. Nirvana went from strength to strength through out there career, what I mean is, they released six albums in their career, each one commented, by more than just the minority, as each one better than the last. ...read more.


Music Type. Their music type is known as ''grunge''. Though they can be described as rock, alternative and by some people who haven't taken the liberty to listen to them as hate, evil, spite or in some cases, Goth!?! I think it is fair to say that they made their own music and didn't get picked because they looked good (which is all that happens today, if you've got a nice complection and a dazzling white smile it doesn't matter of your real talents) its because they had real talents e.g. could play their own instruments, sing with a ''unique voice.'' Members. Here are the members that I have record of: * Kurt Cobain: Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter. ...read more.


''In untro'' was Nirvanas' ( as I know it) last album. This was a fine album as well and had the songs ''Heart shaped box'', ''very ape'' and ''Tourettes'' which again is a very good song. Don't get me wrong not all of Nirvanas' songs were good. The after effect of Kurt Cobains death. The after effect was nothing but shocking. Nothing did happen for a while, but, in due time, His wife Courtney Love, formed a band called ''Hole'', Kurt's' drummer, Dave Growhl, went off and formed a band called ''Foo Fighters'' and still has great success with them today although they do not do ''Grunge''. Foo Fighters drummer resembles Kurt Cobain!?! Not a lot has happened since. The big thing, to me, is that Nirvana never announced that they had split up. Ah well, Nevermind. The lyrics to ''Smells like teen spirit''(top picture) and ''In bloom''(lower picture.) ...read more.

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