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The purpose of the documentary film Step into Liquid

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The purpose of the documentary film Step into Liquid The purpose of the documentary film, Step into Liquid, directed by Dana Brown, is to persuade viewers to surf, to step into liquid, as the evocative title suggests. To achieve this, the documentary employs a range of strategies and documentary film conventions to shape the viewers response. Audio, camera angles and framing and many other documentary film techniques, the viewer is encouraged to surfkj. By breaking through the image of the stereotypical surfer and emphasising that surfing is just for fun, Step into Liquid effectively convinces the viewer that surfing is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle - worthy of having part of one's life. ...read more.


The musical score in the documentary adds to the mood of each segment, in cases enhancing the viewer's response to content. The audio mutes in one scene at the point where a large wave is breaking, emphasising the sheer power of the wave, awing the viewer. Audio in Step into Liquid plays an important role in the documentary's purpose of presenting surfing in a favourable light to the viewer. Camera shots under water behind waves help the documentary in achieving its purpose, visually inviting viewers to step into liquid. By having the camera behind the water the viewer is involved and almost experiences the feel of being surrounded by water, stepping into liquid. ...read more.


Therefore the viewer is encouraged even more to believe that anyone can enjoy surfing, not just the stereotypical surfer. The documentary film Step into Liquid uses a range of strategies and techniques to encourage viewers to surf, to step into liquid as the film's title evocatively suggests. The presentation of a diverse range of people enjoying surfing and others who surf as a lifestyle stipulates to the viewer that anyone can surf, anywhere; that 'surfing isn't a matter of life or death, it's more important than that.' By filming in water below or behind the wave, the documentary involves the viewers, drawing them in. In this case, the film's theme is most prominently expressed: to implore viewers to surf, to "Step into Liquid." ...read more.

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