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Using the technical language of film studies analyse the way that the first ten minutes of The Full Monty creates a sense of social realism.

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Using the technical language of film studies analyse the way that the first ten minutes of The Full Monty Creates a sense of social realism. In august 1997, the smash hit comedy; The Full Monty came to the big screen. It only cost �2.2 million but it managed to recover that in the first weekend of it being shown in the UK. The successfulness of the film even managed to shock actor Robert Carlyle who starred in the film. Directed by Peter Cattaneo and produced by Umberto Pasolini, this film is Sheffield's big claim to fame. The opening scenes are of a promotional video that shows a happy Sheffield but because it is shown on a small screen, it seems far away. The old-fashioned music and cheesy voiceover also give a feeling of something that happened along time ago and in the background you van even hear the sound of a projector and there is the occasional crackle on the screen. The video also shows how dependant Sheffield and its people are on the steel industry, they even call it steel city and says that 90,000 men are employed by the steel industry which shows that if something was to happen to the steel industry a lot of people would be out of work. ...read more.


We get the impression that Gaz is not very smart when he hatches a plan to Dave's wife out of the strip club, and is pointed out by his son that it is women only. This also shows that he is a nice person at heart underneath his mean leather jacket as he is willing to risk his own neck for his friends. When they get inside of the Men's toilets, Gaz ends up sending Nate to get Dave's wife. This is either because the strippers intimidate him or he is cowardly. We then discover a certain distance between Gaz and Nate because instead of following his father's orders he goes straight to the nearest glass of beer and has a drink. Three women then enter the Men's toilets, one of which we learn to be Dave's wife. After some chatting, we learn that Dave and his wife are having marital problems. When they go Dave calls in enquiring about his wife. Gaz then denies seeing her so not to upset his friend. This again shows his kind side. The jazzy music starts again as Nate and Gaz walk up the street. They use a long shot here to show the shabby state that this place is in. ...read more.


He wares a mean leather jacket; he steals from his old business, and would be willing to break the law at the drop of a hat. I suppose you could call Dave his sidekick as he is always getting himself dragged into Gaz's stupid plans. The soundtrack to the film is impressive with hits such as Tom Jones' 'You can keep your hat on' and 'You sexy thing' by Hot Chocolate. The Full Monty managed to claim its only Oscar thanks to its score, which is mostly a brass band type music, which runs almost continually. Overall, the film relies on dialogue and characterization more than on effects. The camera shots are very well thought about with lots of close-ups revealing facial expressions and emotions and there is no fancy editing, to make it seem like real life and not just a film. Conclusion In my opinion, The Full Monty is not one of the best films I have ever but it is all right. The acting is excellent on everyone's behalf, especially Robert Carlyle who was very good. It is a very successful film and has even brought about its own catchphrase. I personally think that even though it might not be my favourite film but I think the whole crew did a very good job of creating a sense of social realism ...read more.

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