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Violence in Movies.

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Violence in Movies Children, teenagers, adults - everyone likes to watch movies. Movies are so popular nowadays that some people cannot imagine their lives without them. There are many popular kinds of movies, such as comedies, mysteries, horror movies, or action movies with violence. Movies with violence are the ones which are watched by many people of different ages. However, in reality individuals who commit violent acts are arrested and imprisoned to keep society safe. Some people think that movies with violent episodes have a huge effect on them. Sometimes they can start doing the same things as they saw in a movie. There is a lot of violence in movies and it should not be allowed. Firstly, producers are not interested in how violence affects people, but in their movie's popularity and how much money it can earn. ...read more.


And if a violent movie will bring glory to producers, they will create more violent movies. Despite the points that producers might earn a lot of money for their movies and could become famous all over the world, there are many people who are sensitive. Things can easily influence them and their behavior. So watching a violent movie can make a big influence on people. Some of them can become scared of violence. Then these people will communicate less with others, because they stop trusting them. Some of them can become even paranoids. As for myself, I am afraid of walking down the street alone, because I believe that something can happen to me, for example someone can beat me or rape. So I am afraid that someone can use violence against me. What about the small kids? ...read more.


Many of them love playing battles, as well as being pirates, or fighting in the ring. But after many years kids can start thinking about trying something violent in real life, and not playing any more. And in some cases children who do something violent become murderers, rappers, or pugnacious people. So movies with violence shouldn't be shown at all in order to not influence people. People, who understand that they are not strong enough to watch a violent movie and resist being influenced, should refuse to watch it. People should think about themselves, because there are still many producers who are still creating and will create many violent movies. Each person is individually responsible for choosing a movie to watch. A producer thinks about the profit and not about the affection of violence on people. A person has a right to choose what is best for him/her. So the people shouldn't watch the movie only because some of them are popular, but also to understand what is better for them personally. Words: 774 ...read more.

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