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What should you think about when preparing to make a TV report?

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What should you think about when preparing to make a TV report? When broadcasting it is vital to achieve a direct link with the listeners to make the story a success. Gaining their attention has to be a major priority from the opening line of the story to ensure you are going to be engaging them throughout the rest of it to the end. It is vital when preparing the report that you have researched the story and have made sure all angles have been looked at in depth and have been explored. When researching the story one has to keep in mind that the story you are going to produce is relevant to the time it will be being shown so that the viewers will be interested in what you have to say, if it is an old story they will not be concerned as it would have already been covered by another station and would be of no use to them. The story has to be individual and have some passion to reach the audience at a certain level so that they are engrossed in it so much so that they feel the emotions you are trying to convey when you broadcast the story. ...read more.


If you are open with them they will most likely be open with you too. Letting them know you require their help on a certain matter and what kind of assistance you need will act in your favour as they will discuss their opinions more freely. Having got them to talk to you, you should prepare what you will be asking them and keep a level head as your opinions are not what you will be discussing it is the individual who you will be talking to. Before you start your interview and approach your lead know what information you need to get for your story. You need to have an aura of interest in whoever you are going to be talking about so they give you that much more information. If you are interested in what someone has to say they will let you in more and be less reserved. Being polite will set a more comfortable atmosphere and the individual will thus be able to respond more to any questions you ask. Once you have introduced yourself you can start the interview however making it as less formal as possible is a good point to remember as having your interviewee at ease will help them to relax. ...read more.


Getting the place right is very important as this is what will be seen and visual imagery is just as important as the content of your story. Any additional sounds to the story could add to how it will be perceived. The setting of the atmosphere and the surroundings that you will be filming need to be explore fully to ensure you will be getting the very best out of your location Keeping in mind of what kind of people will be present during filming and what their daily routines are so you fit your schedule round that to get whichever part of their day that is relevant to your story for example, when filming a school; there is the morning play time, lunch time, the end of the school day and etc. Any extra elements you need to add to your story to make it that much more in line with your type of viewer to keep them interested for example maps of the location, stills and pictures of people doing various things such as shopping, talking, going for lunch, morning rush hour and etc. Once the report has been completed, double checked and verified make sure you have date and spot available for you to air it on. Word count: 1313 ?? ?? ?? ?? News and Features in the Broadcast Sector Sabika Razvi Page 1 15/10/2007 ...read more.

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