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Write a comparison of the two or three articles on the inside page of the Daily Express and the front page of The Times, explaining how the two pieces are appropriate for the newspaper for which they are written.

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Write a comparison of the two or three articles on the inside page of the Daily Express and the front page of The Times, explaining how the two pieces are appropriate for the newspaper for which they are written. The reported story is that Peter Foster helped Cherie Blaire buy two flats in Bristol, while not knowing that Peter Foster is a fraudster. The Daily Mail released the story, followed by a front page article. The Daily Mail is a tabloid and uses a huge heading, wanting to use this story to attract lots of readers and pass on their message. The Times is a broadsheet and therefore does not use such a large heading but has a balanced view, on this story, giving facts and opinions. The Daily use a medium sized picture which is unflattering, as Cherie Blair looks very stressed out, guilty, panicked and very untidy as her hair is out of place. She is looking desperate and it looks like she regrets what's she done and wishes she could turn back time. This picture is a really emotive picture which makes the reader feels remorse for her. Her make up does not match her clothes; this is showing that is feeling too stressed to care about the way she looks. In The Times the central picture is of Cherie Blair and is very huge. The Times show a very emotive picture of Cherie Blair; she is looking up, this shows she is looking up to God and asking him to help her. ...read more.


The Time's headline is "I am not a superwomen- I am sorry". This headline shows that she just a normal human being and made a mistake just as every other human makes mistakes. The Times has two strap lines so that we know the two main things the article is about. They say she admits she made two mistakes and makes the readers against her. The Times use medium sized bold writing. For the strap lines they use two bullet points one and font is smaller than the headline. They have done this to show the strap lines are important and tell the reader the things discussed in the article. Underneath the article is written in smaller font but Cherie Blair's name in the beginning is written in capital letters and slightly bigger than the rest of article. The by line, in The Times, is written in slightly bigger font size the article whereas in The Daily Mail the by line only the name of the person that the article is written by is bold and bigger font size than the rest of the text. The writing does not have hardly any space between them. The Evening Standard headline say "I'm very proud of Cherie", it is written this is saying that Tony Blair agrees fully with his wife. Eyes are drawn to headline because it is bigger and bolder than The Times and The daily Mail. ...read more.


In The Evening Standard it is completely different from The Times and The Daily Mail. The article does not create an anti Cherie bias infact it supports her very much. It does this by using direct quotation 'very proud'; courage' these show the positive support they are giving Cherie Blair. The one I wanted to read most was The Evening Standard. This is because it has short columns and huge headline which is eye catching. If the articles are short the readers are more likely to read it because reading short articles take much less time than reading long ones also if readers don't have time to read long articles Eye catching attracts most people attention because they make the reader think the article is interesting and this therefore makes them read the article. Also it shows a very emotive picture. This attracts the reader's attention also and makes the readers want to read the article because they think it's about something interesting. Another thing is on top they wrote heartfelt words from PM: It's been a horrible time for her and her family; this is because everyone is giving her such a hard time for two mistakes she made. It makes up feel sympathy for Cherie Blair. Heartfelt words from the Pm makes readers want to read it to because it is showing that although people think she's done something wrong her husband Tony Blair supports his wife. Everyone makes mistakes and a person should not be treated in a horrible way if they make mistakes. Aysha Khawaja Yr 11 23/9/04 ...read more.

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